Glimpses of College life – A few things we learned

Some learn from college, Some from the hostel; Some from the classes and a lot from the glasses. Here are a few glimpses

Read at your own risk, I have tried to sensor much, but too much dilution will make it someone else’s life. The characters are not necessarily me, but people very close to me so don’t comment calling out names 🙂

We learned how to drink from the glass, the bottle, the bucket, the bathroom mug and much more

We learned that only the first puff is the tough one and with some concentrated effort you can make smoking a life long bad habit and it sucks when you grow older

We learned that some people store money in an unseen pocket in their underwear and you had to strip them to get that money

We learned that we should wash our clothes every other week or if you do it once in a blue moon you might end up washing twenty five under wears that would belong to all your room mates and you would have forgotten which ones were yours.

We learned that we never own anything of ours, it belongs to the masses

We learned that we should know the color of our tooth brush or else it gets damaged fast when used by more than one person

We learned that any discharges from the body should not be put on paper and thrown out the window for your friends might be standing down

We learned that never ask assignment questions on your way to the bathroom with the bucket in hand. especially to someone who is heading for college. You might end up in the college with the bucket in hand and brush in your teeth

We learned that we should not go too far from the hostel on our bath towel for people will see more of you than yourself if your friends forcibly borrowed your towel from you

We learned that when you get only one fish in your canteen eat it before the rice gets served or the guy opposite to you will take it.

We also learned that spitting on your fish to save it from your friends will not work with some of your friends

We learned that if you have to go from your room to the toilet you should wear something on or it will offend the neighbors and spectacles don’t count to the items that hide nudity

We learned that many go to temple not to pray to god but just to walk and be with the goddesses they dream of.

We learned that to love someone you don’t always get them to love us back. Most of the time they don’t even get to know that we love

We learned that when you open the matchbox, look inside before you stick your finger in, for it might have something you might not want your hands on

We learned that every decision to quit drinking after a whole nights puking was only a day long and you will be on your feet with glass in your hand in no time

We learned that even when our wallets (if we had one) are empty we never starved for a puff of cigarette, we just had to show our two fingers and some Good Samaritan will stick one in it

We learned that we can be known, unknown or indifferent, but we can never stop loving our college

We learned that all the books we study, does not teach you how to trust someone, we learn it from living in our hostel.

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4 replies

  1. True to the last word…Superb!!!

  2. Keep writing. In everyday struggle of our lives, we need somethings like this to fuel our own self.

  3. so far, i just learned that being a college student means either of the following: you are waterproof, you can compete with michael phelps and that you probably grew gills somewhere between math class and dismissal.

    i loved this seeing that i am in college right now 😀

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