She is our Mother! – Mother’s Day 2011

pregnant-422982_1280When nature chose her to bear excruciating pain so life could begin, she took it up with a smile in her face. With no arrogance that it all starts with her, she brought you and me into the world we now live. She is our Mother!

Committing to us even before we are born; all those months when we are in the womb, she ate for us and breathed for us and even her desires become controlled by us. She is our Mother!

Ma, Amma, Mom, Mamma, Mai, Panja, Ammee, Madre, HaHa, Mae, anyway we call, She will hear us. She is our Mother!

mother-429158_1280When we turn around in the womb and kick her, she laughs and calls out to dad so he can also share the joy. She is the embodiment of selflessness, she is our Mother.

When she travels her way through the pains of the world, she holds her belly so we be trouble free. She cares for us before we are born. She is our Mother!

After living as one for so long, the big day arrives as nature demands. We are cut from her for a new life of our own; she suffers the pain with cries of joy. Our birth is her present to the world she lives. She is our Mother!

When we are born we are the weakest thing on earth. We might not remember, but we were true weak; not immune to the dust or germs and ready to succumb to the heat and cold. She covered us with her embrace and made us feel we were still in the womb. She is our Mother!

She taught us how to feed ourself; with drops of milk slowly dripping into us, she gave us fuel the way we can take. She made us strong to face the world we make for ourself. She is our Mother!

generations-462134_1280Without taking credit for all she has done, she always points to dad and with all faith tells us “he is the man of the house for us all, he is the one who makes it all happen”. She is our Mother!

She slowly allows us to walk on our own and see the world through our own eyes, but her eyes will always be searching for us even if we ever wander away from her. She is our Mother!

She cries for us when we are in pain and prays for us even if we don’t believe, She tells us what is wrong and gets stern if we repeat it and then hugs us when we are right, She can be everything for us. She is our Mother!

If our Dad is no more in our life, she takes up his role just like he would have done. She takes it on her to fight a world for us, a world in which we can build our life and be ourself. She is our Mother!

She might not hold our hands when we grow; but cross a road with her, and she will hold it for you. We might have grown much tall, but we can never outgrow our mother, she is our Mother and we are always her kid!

Every mother is our mother for motherhood is universal and a mother’s love is limitless. If we miss our mother, walk to the next person we feel like our mother and ask if we can call her mom. We will be surprised by the answer. She is our Mother!!

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