Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave, and impossible to forget

Friendship would need a much larger post to give complete justice to the topic. But my birthday countdown would be so incomplete if I don’t put a small piece for it. May be I will have a larger post some other day. I have been fortunate to have friends every walk of my life. Some of them I have made as part of new turns in life and some are lifelong connection, but both these groups have been with me in both good and bad times. I have also fallen out of friendship with a few and hope I will be able to mend my ways sometime.

As we grow up and have our own families and get pushed into the daily routines of life, we often feel we get less time to touch back on old connections. In that aspect I thing the social networks are a great way to be available for your friends when they need you. But the good all days of sitting together and talking about college and school times cannot be replaced by any virtual phenomena. With friends you become someone you always love to be and if you have one friend whom you can run to in despair, you have won than half of life’s battles.

My Two Cents

Make a New friend, Connect with an old one!


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