Every individual has two life streams, one internal and one external

Is there something every man searches for and his end is when he realizes it. If every man gets what he searches he ends this life and moves on. If that is the case many people would not want to achieve whatever they are searching unless they are suicidal. But then there are two aspects to it. Are all people searching the same thing, the same truth, and the same mysterious knowledge? If they are searching for the same thing, then death happening at different time for different people will mean that they are achieving the same truth or knowledge at the different times. If every person has a different truth or a different version of the truth that he or she searches, then also it explains the death coming at different times.

Now if there is a search that happens in one’s life, does this happen knowingly or unknowingly? Should the human being be aware of the possibility of such a search and pursue it. May be many people are aware and they package it in their own way through religion, faith, God, Philosophy, family, responsibility, material wealth, education and other forms. They probably live a life that is much in connection with their fellow humans, but internally follow a path alone that they think will take them where they want to. So every human life could be a combination of two lives one internal and one external. For some these two lives sync, for some they contradict and for some both never meet

My Two Cents

Keep exploring; Life will move on!

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