Lady Gaga enters Farmville with Gagaville

I have never played Farmville, I know that hurts for some; but have seen people get obsessed with it and never got inspired with it. I even once wrote an article that Farmville should be played by prisoners, but this story really opened my eyes. No I am not starting to play Farmville, but I am amazed by the possibilities this news can open up.

For those who don’t know what Gagaville is about, here is a short version. Farmville gamers can now have Lady Gaga inspired neighboring farms which will come with styles similar to her videos and albums. But the killer item is that this will give gamers exclusive access to the musicians’ New albums and I think this is big ticket idea.

Think of getting movie previews tomorrow or tickets to concerts as a gamer. Integrating your life and virtual world has a big monetization potential. But sadly I am not into it 😦

But I think it is a great avenue for people to finally make some sense of gaming. Now you could feed and milk a cow (game) that is more real to you