Why Poetry?

Poetry gives your life back to you
The life that you abandoned on the busy street
The life that you let people trample on
The life that you lost in the corporate corridors
Poetry gives that life back to you

Poetry tells you that you are more
More than what the mirror can ever show you
More than what you can see in other’s eyes
Much more than what your senses can ever savor
Poetry tells you that you are much more

Poetry gives you a sense of hope
The hope that there will always be a tomorrow
The hope that it would be better than today
The hope that you and I will be there to see it
Poetry gives you and me the hope

Poetry empowers you to feel
To feel the pain of the millions unknown
To feel the plight of those dead, alive and to be born
To acknowledge the existence of things other than you
Poetry empowers you to be a human again

Poetry challenges you to respond
Respond to the meaning hidden in the words
Respond to the silent requests in the lines
Respond to those for whom it is written
Poetry challenges you to change the world

Poetry makes you believe again
Believe that you can do it now
Believe that it is always worth
Believe that goodness prevails
Poetry makes you believe beyond limits

Poetry is all you will have in life
When silence becomes unbearable
When loneliness also un-friends you
When you are the last life form on earth
Poetry is all you will have in life

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32 replies

  1. welcome.
    it is fun to think about why poetry? well done.

  2. Poetry gives me a chance to cleanse my soul.
    To say what needs to be said.

    I enjoyed your perception of poetry.


  3. You nailed poetry.  Great write.  SHould be included in a book or text somewhere.  Excellent.

  4. The tone of the poetry is that of the poet searching deep within the self to understand the words and the imagery that flow through his mind.  The format works very well here, clean and concise, and makes for a great (Greek) argumentive piece in favor of following the words.  I liked this, and you receive my vote for next week!

  5. “To acknowledge the existence of things other than you,”  What a beautiful line in such  a fabulous creation of poetry!  Isn’t it amazing that when we finally choose to take the time to communicate to our higher self, what we can do…. You communicated this so well in your work of poetry.  Thanks so much for sharing this!  Cindy

  6. Very true… Reminds me of one poem I’ve written some time ago (http://magdalenahermanstories.wordpress.com/2010/10/22/nothing-more-precious-than-poetrythe-jewel-of-humankind/ ). You’ve given a great explanation why… Live poetry!!! 😀

  7. This is beautiful, poetry is my life (a huge piece of it) and I agree with you whole-heartedly

  8. Poetry helps you feel alive. Great piece this one. happy rally

  9. A nice ode to poetry-it does give you your life back when there seems to be nothing to look forward to. Loved the first and tird stanzas very much though the whole poem is nice.

  10. Every single line is true! and the last lines..are so profound! Can relate.

  11. Hi VInod,

    Very nice development of a theme that should speak to all, poetry lovers or not.  “Why Poetry?” is an unanswerable question in a sense– nothing anyone can say can really say it all, even for their own motivation to write/read/speak or listen to poetry, but you have given it some of the loving attention it deserves.

  12. Poetry does have incredible power: power of insight and empathy, of self-worth and growth.  All of these you share and expound on.  But I shuddered at the last stanza.  Poetry, though wonderful, is not my reason for existence nor my soulmate.  If poetry was all I had in life that would be a sad life indeed.

  13. Poetry is cathartic. For me it’s like a wringing out of my soul…

  14. Vinod
    I like your Theme in that you have the ability to put images into the Header and sidebar.
    Is this a custom Theme and what is the Theme name if you would so kindly advise me.

  15. From my point of view, you show a true understanding of what poetry is and does for us.

  16. Very true lines….really fits to most of us.


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