You want to Lead?, First be above Suspician

When Julius Caesar divorced his wife Pompeia just because she was linked with the politician publius Clodius he is said to have made the famous statement “Even Ceaser’s wife should be above suspicion”. Ramayana talks about a test called Agni Parikha (test of fire) and states that after Agni Pariksha confirmed purity once, on the demand of the people Sita Devi was asked to go through the ordeal again and seems this changed the way the story was shaped later on. There are certain roles in our society that demand one to be above suspicion. Any leader or person associated with power should be transparent or be ready to walk on burning coal. Apparently in both the stories the male in question was always fair and made the judgment and the women had to face the ordeals. Even moral stories were biased towards Gender and our history of self deception can go to unexplainable heights if we really think about it. And this also makes most of our arguments irrelevant. So we need to clean our mirror and be happy with what we see before we try to show others what they look like.

Nevertheless we need to talk and through these debates we will peel off unwanted traces of thoughts that exist in all our minds. The Government retaliating with a probe into Baba’s assets is probably his Agnipariksha. While Government might have its own ulterior motive in its pursuit to get evidence on Baba’s purity (or chastity), as common citizens who are not as dumb as the powerhouses think we are we would like our Government to know that even if Baba is not the crusader of righteousness as he claims please don’t deflect us from the core theme of Anti-corruption. You will have to answer for it is not Baba who decides where this fight should go next. He is just a spec among the 1 billion who call out and tell you; Enough is Enough!

“When a nation is forced to emerge from darkness by its own people, the heads that have held the nation might roll, but we are better off with new heads for we will still have our souls intact”

May be we are seeing (for the benefit of the Indian) two definite evils colliding and annihilating each other. This could be a worthwhile battle if it pushes corruption in all forms including politics and religion to the side and give leverage for a new generation of thoughts to emerge. As long as the left and other regional parties don’t emerge with the recipe for an all India make over we might just be in the right fight after all. Don’t you all feel that India needs a damn retirement scheme for politicians and religious leaders (both self proclaimed or divinely incarnated). Politicians can be sent to old age homes with Tom and Jerry cartoons to watch (on public money) and religious leaders sent to seclusion (on charity) to attain salvation and peace with the God they believe.

If you look at it I don’t think anyone has an issue (apart from the jealousy element) when a yogic expert making money and builds and empire as long as he is not breaking the law or someone’s back. All is fine as long has he remains flexing his body and helping others flex theirs, though one can imagine the constant stir between the medical world and Baba over his drug and cures, which again is a whole different story. But the moment you claim to be above the common man and point fingers at the system (which we agree has holes in it) you will also be questioned on your intention, on who is supporting you, what is your motive, what are your sources of income, Why are you in this and above all Who are you?

The common man’s power has been over the years been reduced and shrunk to just voting, complaining and questioning. If we are unable to do a good job at the first and very good at the next, for now let us do a better job at the last. Let them know that we will question on the personal integrity of every Anna Hazare’s, we will question the same on every Baba, we will ask the Governments (white, saffron, green or red), we will ask everyone who says he or she can lead us. We will keep asking till we have honest answers that don’t hide the facts from us. We run you and you don’t run us.

On a personal note for me leadership, be it politics, corporate, spiritual or any other form should be blended with personal integrity and without question be above suspicion.

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  1. Dear Vinod, 
    Perhaps, you are right in telling that two definite evils colliding and annihilating each other for the benefit of India. 
    Perhaps, Baba may be right in amassing wealth through right means and dares to risk it to fight the mighty Government(the Government has already set the radar directed against Ramdev). 

    But the real question is: Do Indians deserve a corruption free Administration? 
    All Indians are in the pursuit of corruption, knowingly or unknowingly, as much as possible for them. Someone is not doing big corruption, because he has no chance. Can you show one Person who has not done a small or big corruption in Life? Corruption is not all about Big money alone. As some one rightly pointed out, there were film stars who are income Tax evaders to Auto Rickshaw drivers who will overcharge you without meter or will not take you to your destination if it is less profitable for him, and those who uses their caste for benefit over others included in the supporters of Hazare.Those who are  looking at Red also will become pale to realize that Absolute power has corrupted absolutely the Red Brigade as well

    Be it Baba,Hazarre or the RSS, the tirade at Delhi is a farce. There needs a grass root change.


    • Venu, I think you have some very valid points stated here and if you read my last post I am in line with what you said in terms of removing corruption from oneself. Again the color of coruption can be saffron, red , blue, white or green. I like when you said that some people don’t do big corruption because they do not get a chance 🙂 you are right to the dot. My only point is to be practical, start with reducing the areas of corruption you do, for any less corruption is good for the nation. And most of the time corruption has become the norm and peopel fail to know the difference. There should be grass root level change, Only thing I differ is that I feel Indians deserve a non corrupt Government. At least for those who are not corrupted (And I believe there is if we look for it). We don’t because being non corrupt is not cool! and we need to make it cool!. The world should belong to the uncorrupted cool dudes :).. If we loose faith in ourselves to change for better life on earth will end, so My take is I have faith that man is inherently good and has the power to change himself.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts my friend!

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