Did Baba Ramdev really say he will start an Army?

Baba Ramdev seems to have declared on Wednesday that he would be forming a ‘sena,’ or army, of 11,000 young men and women who will be trained in the use of “scripture and weapons” he has also called people from various regions to send 20 people to join this sena. Does he have any clue what he is saying here?

If Baba thinks that an army of 11000 people armed (again he says for self defense) is the solution, he probably has no idea what so ever of mob psychology. Maybe he has forgotten what happened in 1992 Dec 6th. Or was he asleep when Indira Gandhi was assassinated and when Delhi burned for days, reminisces of which still float in the air we breathe. Mob psychology be it instigated by a religion or political ideology is an entirely different animal which once initiated grows by itself and becomes uncontrollable. When fueled with the right ingredients of hate it blinds all senses, logic and reasoning. Once formed this cannot be stopped by Baba or whoever he thinks is above him. It will not listen to him.

Even in the well formed structured of military during war time even with all the hierarchy and power of authority, things go out of hand and people act in groups what they would not do even in their wildest dreams. Here especially aligning an armed mob under the pretext of anti corruption could have devastating consequences on the sanity of people and our democratic fabric of our nation. Imagine when Baba and his allies will create a list of corrupt people in India and give this list to the 11000 strong group who are floating or flying on the highly pumped up adrenaline of being part of the biggest blockbuster of their lifetime.

If you still remember he wants death penalty as the possible punishment for corruption. And who decides what corruption is when power is in hand, Corruption of money, corruption of culture, corruption of language and what else would follow…. Guys, if you support Baba, it is a time to rethink where he and his people are leading us. Till now I was unsure, but now I feel this guy is Insane, demanding people to take up arms to fight corruption in India and that too chanting scriptures. Who is giving this guy the authority to create civil unrest and bringing arms into the equation?

But while withdrawal of support for Baba is needed the fight against corruption should continue. With Anna Hazare back giving an ultimatum to the Government if they don’t act, I think it would be great if similar people from different sects and political ideologies with a reasonable following can emerge and power up the fight against corruption. This will not only pull out Baba’s insane approaches but will also help the people continue the fight against corruption.

Baba says this is for self defense, but he does not decide things when a Sena is formed, Mob Psychology creates an animal with thousands of hands heads which will act on its own and might even eat the Baba alive if he comes in the way. What we need is not an autocratic power that will redefine the boundaries of corruption for its benefit, but a system that can bring the people’s voice to the forefront, for that we don’t need one but all political parties and religious sects to join together. For a Nation that became independent by teaching the world the meaning of Ahimsa, It will be sad irony to be reborn to something else through arms.