Between Love and Hate there is a thin line of indifference

Though I would love to believe it is thin, I think it is more like a vast space where each and every one of us falls in at various instances in life. There are things, situations and people we love and there are those that we love to hate, but in between there are also a lot many items to which we are quite indifferent.

A while ago I wrote a post saying that we should never try to be in control or we should understand that there are many things in this world that is not in our control. The point was that control always gives birth to stress in life and that to free ourselves we need to give control away. There were a few mails I got after some took the essence of the post as advocating inaction. And I think this post could clarify that.

Giving away control does not advocate inaction and the best example of inaction arises from our attitude of indifference. If you take love and hate at two sides indifference is the middle area where we neither feel love nor feel hatred, just the feeling to care less in every aspect. When someone is in trouble in public there are people who act, some stand there watching and another set just pass by with no attention to it.

Understanding this separation of indifference is very important as that has in it a very core social aspect of man. So when I said that it is a thin line of indifference I am just acknowledging that there will always be a line that separates love and hate and smaller the dividing space the better we are.

Better because anyone on the side of hate can be convinced to come on the side of love, but those comfortably living in the space of indifference are way less human. I would personally trust someone who hates me with a hope that I can communicate with him and find a way for him to think differently, but I am totally helpless in front someone who is indifferent to me.

Indifference is the most negative emotion and this is what gives birth to inaction. All over the world we see people who don’t care for anything, they don’t feel the sense of love that makes them hug, not the sense of hate that makes them slap, they are just zombies who walk the face of earth. And the truth is that we all become zombies one time or other, may be fear, social status, belief systems you can call it anything, but they all peddle you towards indifference and inaction

It is ok to not love, but it is not ok to have no feeling; like or dislike, but don’t act as if something does not exist. The world is better with your anger, if you can’t be calm. Just don’t sit there and say you don’t care. Help reduce the gap between hate and love so that people from the side of hate can easily move into the side of love

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