Dragon Slayer

When I saw them play
I knew what I had lost
When they talked to open space
I knew my imagination was dead

I went to them and asked
Who are you guys talking to?
They said there was a dragon on my left side
Trying to eat the fairy on my right

I looked both sides surprised as an adult
When my little one came up and pushed me away
“Watch out Dad” He cried out
The Dragon is spitting fire on you

I sat in a chair and let them resume
They stood together as if covering the fairy
They snarled and waved as they had a sword
And ran around howling out loud

I saw them run up the sofa bed
Throwing the cushion on to the ground
As I watched their actions and clowning around
They ran to me and hugged me tight

I looked at my little one and asked “What?”
He pointed to the living room and now I could see
With fierce looking eyes it stood ten feet tall
Its mouth was open and fire gushing out

Behind it was standing trembling with fear
A little fairy the size of a doll
I looked at my kids and then at the floor
There lay a sword and shining armor

I picked the armor and put it on
Waving the sword I pounced on the dragon
Ten minutes we huffed and puffed
The dragon was slain and the fairy was saved

My kids ran to me and hugged me tight
For they knew I had gotten what I had lost
After over thirty years of lost in growing up
I had finally gained my imagination back

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5 replies

  1. Oh yes … we are so thankful to our kids for giving us our innocence back, for taking us to the vibrant world of imagination … something that we might have lost in course of doing our chores, higgle haggling, being part of the rat race.

    and thank you so much … not really because you commented for my poem but because it led me to this site where there’s so much to savour, to read and enjoy, to learn. thanks a lot.

    — Baishali

  2. SIR,… you brought me back to my ownself for moment… masterpiece…

  3. When you play with kids.. the little child in you is awakened and you remain forever young and innocent:))

  4. Awww this is so sweet and touching

  5. ah, this is so precious,, that it is truly a royal write, made me smile with a tear, :), Thank you, much appreciated, WS

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