An open letter to FB

Dear FB,

Thanks for the email you sent me when you found that I had not logged into you for the last few days. I appreciate that you have been worried about me and have been keeping a tab on the time I spend on you. Don’t worry, it was not a mistake, it was quite intentional; I was feeling bored of you. No hard feelings, it might be just me, but I started finding you less interesting. Though I agree that it is a good platform to connect with my friends, I figured that even if I spend 24 hours on it, I will still have something interesting that I would have missed to view, read, comment or like. So I figured that you will never be satisfied with the time I give you. I am choosing to cut myself off for a while.

You might be curious to know how it was when I cut you off from my life for a few days. Surprisingly it felt great. I figured that I had more time available than before and that I could see more of the world I actually live in. I also got the chance to speak on phone to a few friends which was missing due to the great status update feature you have always had. Since I did not post anything, I also did not get any much updates on my email about people commenting or liking what I posted. Though I did get emails from some friends who wanted me to give grass for their cattle and help them with weapons in some gang war which I deleted without remorse. So for a change I did not get distracted from living my life. I know I would have missed some of the interesting status updates my friends made on you, but I guess one needs to lose some to gain some.

Don’t get me wrong, you are a great invention and I know that the world is betting heavily on you being the next big thing (you are big even now), and I understand that you are the trojan horse of the businesses who can win the market wars by benefiting out of your advertising network. The more we users use FB the more companies will know what we like and then they would be able to suggest us what we want and we will be able to get deals and give them more business. While all this happens we also will be able to connect with our friends. That is really cool! But my problem was that I hate when someone expects more from me than I can give and you wanted more time from me than I can give and I also felt that you were kind of encroaching into my life uninvited. No hard feelings I know it is your nature and you are just being your self, but for me it is just way I feel and I am sure you will find a lot of people (may be the majority) who will disagree with me. So you are good!

Finally I want to let you know that I am not stopping to use you. I am not closing my account with you, how can I do that? But I am limiting our relationship significantly to the extent that I might not be logging into you for some time. Though I will be blogging regularly and share the blog on you. Don’t get worried if you don’t see me for long and can’t catch me on your radar. You will always be in my mind for you are a great invention and I would like to see how you grow. It is just that I wanted more direct time and interaction with my world. So next time you see me missing from my wall, no need to panic and send me a reminder, I will come in when I want and find time. I understand I would have missed many fun things happening on you, but that is a choice I am making so I can be closer to life than the screen.

Take care and Bye for now
Your loving user

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