To The Responsible

You prove the wretchedness you bear in you
But you can’t break us with your devilry
The human in us is stronger than the devil in you
We will hunt you, find you and punish you for sure

We will defend our right to peace and law
And not let your actions break our unity
We might differ in the way we worship
But united we are when the nation calls

You can’t take from us who we are
Citizens in charge of our motherland
We will cover you with the blanket of guilt
And we will strip you naked in your own eyes

We did not get freedom through guns and knives
And we have not started a war in history
Our moral book is clean and uncorrupt
For we have taken bullets from both friends and foes

Today we challenge you again, pathetic pimps
See us survive your shameful deeds
We will pay homage to those you killed
By moving our nation forward as ever

Categories: Free Verse, Poetry


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