Moving Facebook friends to Google+?

Why would Facebook make it difficult for you to port your friend list to Google+? I guess because they don’t want people to go. But will this stop people who really want to move out? It seems now the only way to overcome this is to move FB contacts from FB to yahoo and then to Google+. I have not tried it and so not sure, but if the idea is to close all doors to do so, then this would also get closed soon.

But what surprises me is why would FB do this? And I think with the current valuation every user in FB is worth something to FB and so if Google is to follow the same pattern as what happened when they launched chrome, then that would be very worrying for FB. But it is also a hit for Google because building a social profile ground up is a pain at least for those who are so immersed in FB as of now.

Google might use its other tools and applications to gain speed and it should be seen how easy to use it is compared to FB. The new user I believe now has a bigger learning curve in order to be completely comfortable with FB and that is only going to increase. So a potential pattern that I can think of is that (again only if Google+ is a much better experience) the new user enrolment rate with FB could show a decrease. Just speculation under the assumptions that the barrier to usability will be less with Google+ especially for an existing Google user.

But then FB has the power of having more of the people you know using FB. So it would be interesting to watch how these unfold in the coming days. At Google it would be interesting to not have you can lure FB users to switch and what would be the baits Google can use. The answers will lie in FB itself

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