Your voice will always hold us together in silence

Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe ho; Kya Gham Hein Jisko Chupa Rahe ho. When he with his soulful voice asked us what is the sorrow hidden behind the smiles, many of us would have felt touched for every one of us have had the experience of smiling some unknown personal wound. Jagjit Singh’s voice and Ghazals made his fans open up and meet their inner self. He through his Ghazals told his listeners that they could heal their wounds and relax while he sang in the background for them.

The voice and songs were not just soothing but they carried millions of memories on them. At least for me, I have a memory of my life associated practically with every Ghazal of his. Be it Love, sorrow, Hope, Happiness, pain, parting; it was connected with one of his Ghazals. Even today a song of his transports me back in time but it also tells me that time moves forward and before I know this moment will also pass.

The fact that we can’t hold on to any moment in our life only makes us realize the value of the moments that we have coming. And when that realization dawns we will cherish every moment in the past.  For us to realize how important many things are in our life, we need to imagine a time without it.  The beauty of a singer’s life is that he never leaves his fans alone. What made him connect with us, his voice will always live on. I cherish the moments I spend seeing him perform live in 2006

I somehow resisted listening to him the whole day but when I finally listened to him in the evening (knowing that he won’t sing a new Ghazal again) I could feel gripped by an uncomfortable vacuum. But it was soon filled with his voice and I realized that there are a few things in life that can never be silenced even by fate.

Your voice will always hold us together in silence

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