Steve Jobs – An embodiment of life’s journey

Not many people will be remembered like how the world will remember Steve jobs. More than remembering the person because they know him personally, countless people now and yet to be born will be forced to remember him for the sheer contribution of his creative genius. There is a difference between being known and being remembered.

Many people after they pass away are remembered immediately by many and then they slip into the state of being known, a reference of their name with their contribution to the world. A poet remembered when you read his poem, an actor when we see his movie and so on. Even our loved ones who have passed away we remember on and off when events in our personal life surface every year. Yes it is emotional but it gets more intermittent as time passes.

With Steve jobs his inventions through its future evolution will continue to design and move many aspects of our daily life for a long long time. Through the apple products in the market now and many to come (if they follow the same name and brand) we will all be forced to remember the man behind the tools that make us live connected in this world.

When I use my Mac I will always be transported to a time in the valley where it all started. And then it would take me through the life of one of the greatest inventors of our time who embodied the essence of both living with success and emerging from failure and finally showed the world how unpredictable life can be for all of us. It is great to live during the times of Steve Jobs and though I have never met him or heard him speak in person, I would like to remember that we both lived in the same city at the same time. Though it does not mean anything, life is not always built of thoughts that make perfect sense.