The Lost Children – A Charity ebook Anthology

There is so much written about what happens around us and how things are not the way it should be and why it should change. But beyond the words written, it sometimes takes real people with a mission to make the change. Thomas Pluck and Fiona Johnson and Ron Earl Phillips are those real people for me.

They have collected thirty tales that were written online and collated them into an anthology, the proceeds of which will go to PROTECT (The National Association to Protect Children) and Children 1st UK. The book will be available as ebook in amazon, Smashwords and Barnes and Noble on November 1st.

My story is also one of the selection and it has given a life and meaning to my words which would have otherwise been orphaned in the online world. Also I would like to extend a special thanks to photographer Danielle Tunstall whose photo was the inspiration to write the story.

I wish all my best to Tom, Fiona and Ron in their efforts to make a real difference in the world even from the most common things they see around them. And by best wishes to all the writers whose tales come to life here. And of course Danielle, your photo, that one click will give birth to a thousand more tales in the future as people keep seeing it.

Kudos to all behind the effort and please visit the site The Lost Children

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