Dara Singh – Rustam-e-Hind – Passes Away

Dara Singh the KIng of Indian Wrestling passes away at 83. I still remember many of his movies I watched as a kid even movies where he took up roles where muscles mattered even roles like Hercules the Greek Hero. It was fun to watch a Bollywood Hercules movie back then…

As a young kid I was DieHard fan of Amitabh Bachan and once my dad came up and said “If you are so much into fights you should see the guy who brought it to inidan Movies and that is when I saw his movies first time and I did see many of his movies after that.

Though Dara Singh was a renowned Wrestler and it is said he had around 500 undefeated fights to his name. But I could not see one reference if he has been honored by the Indian government like a Padma Shri or so that they keep handing over to so many people like Rekha, Kajol and many others…

I feel Dara Singh deserves a better recognition from the Indian Government. than the Rustam-i-Hind title he has for being an undefeated champion.

If you think I am wrong.. do let me know..

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  1. end of an ERA. a true ikon in all respect

  2. its cos hes a punjabi… and hes a political candidate who is trying to gain more rights for jatts be it hindu or sikh in haryana and punjab so govt (congress kutteh) wont honour him..
    RIP Dara Singh Randhawa

    • The problem with us is we bring state and religion into everything and call out as being the victimized…. We do have people like Surjit Patar, Kartar Singh, Milkha Singh etc who have Padmashris…. So the issue is not about state..but may be some people just get missed…

  3. he brought life to a character called “Hanuman”. The way he led his life was so very simple. He belongs to India, religion and politics should not be brought into the picture. He deserves respect.

  4. Dara singh is a best actor of thish filmindistrees.Dara singh my best actor.Dara is my idle.

  5. You are definitely wrong Sir…..Dara Singh has done nothing for this country…why should the govt recognize him…. We have so may in line for recognition …like Rahul Gandhi, Sunny Leone, Mayawati, Laloo Ji, Robert Wadhera, Sonia Mata Ji, Priyanka Gandhi Ji and so on…. Who is Dara Singh in front of them.

  6. rishi you r a looser for no repect

  7. good to see a nice pies of information about dara sing………….

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