Chidambaram Sir.. Want to have some Rice for dessert with your Ice Cream Meal?

No idea who told Chidambaram that every Indian who eats rice also has an Ice cream cone for dessert and drinks only bottle water when thirsty.. There is no other reason I see for him to compare the Rs. 20 additional that someone would be willing to pay for ice cream over the Rs 1 for a Kg of Rice… And he might also have thought that people love desserts a lot.. and are getting more conscious about good drinking water which still is an issue in many parts

Come down to reality Chidambaram….Do you have any idea how many people might be there who would have an ice cream only on an occasion and that occasion varies vastly in different part of the country… Or are you saying that you want them to also have rice only on occasions as a luxury..?

I agree how you feel when the media and everyone jump on you when you make a statement like this… People can make mistakes and it is not the end of the world but even among middle class you should understand the difference between Ice creams and Rice… Or do you think that when standard of living goes up for people they switch the roles of food in their lives and eat ice cream as a meal and have rice for dessert…

I can see an alarming issue if that switch of food priorities happen and the cost for obesity related medical care going on a rise… If that was your concern then I agree that the rice prices as well as prices for all food items should be so high that no one can buy anything and there will be mass dieting…will that make sense to you….

Come down to reality Chidambaram, You should know how people consume food items and what food items come in as a necessity in life…. Don’t give people the impression that you as a Government representative do not have the responsibility to provide the basic necessities to the people at cheaper and affordable cost.

Instead of doing these cheap comparisons that hit on the stomach of the common man, be responsible….

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