Ramadan in Kozhikode – when Ramarshnan meets Mammadali

Love being from Kozhikode… the most beautiful down on earth in the picturesque Kerala “God’s own country”. I miss my kozhikode (Calicut)…

Interestingly in a recent 2012 book “Pax Ethnica” by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac, the authors take a look at Kerala along with the Russian republic of Tatarstan, the city of Marseille in France, the city of Flensburg, Germany, and the borough of Queens, NY. Through their two-year exploration of these societies, they uncover examples of tolerance and ideas for peace. The whole idea was that the authors went to places where people of different races, religions, and ethnicities live peacefully. Love to be from Kerala..

Ramarshnan is the Kozhikodan style pronunciation for Ramakrishnan, a common Hindu name that brings together the names of two most revered gods or avatars in Hinduism,  Similarly Mammadali is the Kozhikodan pronunciation for Mohammed Ali, a very common Muslim name that signifies the prophet and the supreme. In Kozhikode every Ramarshnan awaits the coming of Ramadan so they can go to Mammadali’s house and have the delicious Kozhi (Koyi in calicut) Biriyani (A kozhikodan delicacy of Chicken in Rice) to be served along with many other delicacies and sweets….

The same way every Mammadali awaits Onam to go to Ramarshnan’s house to have the stupendous vegetarian meal or Onasadya that comprises several vegetarian delicacies and sweets.

Calicut is a beautiful mix of religious brotherhood that extend beyond beliefs held together with a strong root in the common string of humanity. Now during Ramadan….…I wish the best for all my friends in every religious and non religious sect and wish peace and prosperity in the world we live…

My upbringing in Kozhikode has been a great influence who I am and the way I look at life today and I am truly happy and honored and proud to be born and brought up in a town where every Ramarshnan awaits Ramadan and every Mammadali awaits Onam…..

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