The content Mess….Get cleaned up

I hate to say this but some point or other in your life be it personal or professional you will get into a content mess… before you start thinking how I came to know about your study where you have all those books and magazines from five years ago on the shelf some tending to fall on to the floor…let me caution you….you will keep accumulating…..things…content….information…and I am not talking about books….but content…electronic content…econtent….

But when do you get into a mess…? when it becomes unmanagable… untracable…. unreferencible…. unvaluable…. yes.. it can become all that… the content that you created or shared or liked on the web can become so redundant and outdated and serving no specific value to you at one point in time and in that heap you will miss what you really want…. and then you are in a content mess..

How do you get out of it…? You need to clean up… you need to make a decision and decide to collect and destroy (archive more diplomatically to say)…but with a proper strategy you could hope to be less in mess

Clean up if you are in a mess..and that means a content mess

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