As Rahi starts his hike on the path of Knowledge – Kindergarten

Today Sep 5th Rahi started his Kindergarten…..excited….new friends….new teacher…all going good….Even though not in India, it is great that he is able to start his long hike for knowledge on the day they celebrate “Teachers day” in India….Yes Sep 5th is ‘Teachers Day’ in India…The birthday of India’s Second President and the philosopher academician Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan

I wish Rahi an entertaining journey of continuous learning through out his life and along with the pursuit of knowledge I also wish him to have a career where he can share his knowledge with others…Yes the role of being a teacher irrespective of the career he choses….Hope this day marks the beginning of his learning to be a teacher…..The most respected profession……

This school where he will spend the next seven years will be his most formative years and the core ingredient is how well he gels with the dynamics of knowledge acquisition and assimilation…He will also have tons of memories from this place that he will cherish all his life……Rhea is doing well passing out from here and I am sure he will too.

Rahi! as you move from classrooms and buildings grades after grade you will notice around you people who look at knowledge differently….some worship it while some fail to understand the importance….but keep in your mid what we always say……while you should befriend all you should know that knowledge is for you to acquire and share…..that it is your responsibility to be knowledgable…….We will try our best to give you a world of words at home….and hope you will love it….Keep Learning…..sharing…..and above all caring…..

As I wish you all the best today I also want to share with you the story of Kimani N’gan’ga Maruge
who at the age of 84 decided that he had to learn to read and write and against all odds…he did just that…..He sat with kids your age and learned to read and write……You will meet other Maruge’s and people similar to him in your life and when you see them I want you to bow your head in respect for education and understand that learning has no barriers of age…..And Never loose your sense of wonder…….Keep Learning Kiddo…..

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