What’s your content Lifecycle?

I hate to say it but sometimes you think the content you created on web should live on…well theoretically it does…you will know it if you did a tweet that you thought you should not have and it became popular (or unpopular) then you will know content lives on…

But that is not my point…people consider content…their content very personal…they think that their content will live on….But the fact is your content will live on only if people see it….if it does not serve a specific purpose…that is hits…eyeballs on it….it is as good as dead

Now if you pick that same analogy in an enterprise environment…if you have ways to steer eyeballs to new place then old content can be retired…did you hear…? It can be retired….But the point is content is personal…but everything has a lifecycle and if you don’t accept that then there is no change and you will see your content repository grow unmanageably…and over time your biggest problem would be to address and attend to your oldest content that might have been sticking to patterns and standards that you and your organization would have discarded long back….

So do you have a choice…?…yes….understand what your content lifecycle is…

Lifecycle means there is a cyclical process in which there is a rise and a set…your content should rice..and then set…some time

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