The Italian Job on Indian stupidity or an Italian connection on Indian Soil

handcuffThe issue of Italians who killed the Indian fishermen and not returning to India will also slowly go under the rugs after all the people have done salivating much of what they have on it… Interestingly this might also move on like many other issues I guess because any strict hand from authorities will mean opening up the blunder that we did or opening a bigger can of worms not worth frying and eating….

It is never heard that people on trial for murder are given choice to leave country to attend festivals with family and vote…. Look at the people who even though not proven guilty lose this opportunity… and that to not leave the country but travel in our own country…. then why this two faced approach in this case……

Now if we have to say it is not about Indian stupidity we should think that there is some Italian connection deep rooted into the Indian political system… you know what I mean…. That being said… I think we Indians should sit back and suck our thumbs and accept the folly on our part….

The chances are very grim for India to get them back and even if they come what can be done to prevent this from being a farcical trial where they will be let go after some more hue and cry…. that way everyone wins…. the families of those who lost their lives alone will lose….

I am not being pessimistic neither sarcastic….. but just observing…. the way you see people blowing up on talk shows about blaming Italians .. we should understand this is a scene of our country not caring for its people while Italy cared for theirs…..

fishing netAnd we are here with a ruling party that runs to the feet of an Italian for every issue…. I just don’t have a clue who is naive enough to fail to understand the equation here…. My theory… call it conspiracy theory is that this was an orchestrated effort…

Not just the marines not returning… but allowing them to go once for Christmas and they returning and then sending them again for voting (how bizarre is that) and then they not returning….. they can’t put their vote through the Italian embassy?….. Do we know what their voting records have been… As marines if they travel outside the country do they return to Italy for every voting…. have they not been outside Italy for any of the Christmases .. Does Italy get all their marines back home for Christmas and voting…. absurd….

Can’t we get it….. when Italy had already said their is a dispute whether India has a right to try them in Indian courts (their claim that the incident happened in international waters)…. how the heck do you let them go…… Do we still need to think if there is a missing Italian connection in India at play….. who the heck are we fooling

the question is was it an Italian Job on Indian stupidity or an Italian connection on Indian Soil…. I would say it was both…. some played the Italian connection while some were stupid enough to not get it…. Bravo… Bravo…. Bravo….

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