The Anti-Rape Bill Passed…. Now what…..

LawOnly when the Anti rape bill was passed do many understand how fragile the law towards rape and sex offenses has been in India….. And when you realize that acid attacks and child trafficking crimes are still not punishable by life imprisonment you understand how more stronger the law needs to be…..

As this bill was getting passed in another part in india there was an incident where a british tourist had to jump from her hotel room balcony to escape from the hotel owner who was trying to enter her room and make sexual advances towards her…..

This bill is a first step in a long journey that took so long to take…. but the most bewildering questions still remain unanswered….. How did our society become so sex hungry and violent….. Was it always like this and now the media is bringing the incidents in light…? I think not….

Is it true that people are really sexually deprived that they pounce on anyone who they come across…. Does these attacks have more than just sex hidden in them…. Has it anything to do with with how we are growing and projecting ourself as a society…?

As the bill gets passed and we all think the culprits will get punished now…. the sad part is many of this law is worth only once the incident has occurred…. Thinking that a strict new law will stop perpetrators from committing a crime might be wrong…. it might reduce and some people might even refrain from doing it….. but in reality the solution will not be fully completed by just the law….

We need to work through the society to reduce this…. We need women to be free and fearless to move around in the country…. Strong law enforcement coupled by a citizen responsibility to ensure safety is the only way we will achieve this…. Don’t misunderstand Citizen responsibility by Moral policing (which is both an immature and chauvinistic way of looking at society)…. I am talking about how as a societal being one can have a responsibility to make the society safe…… One such case would be the stalking which is very tough to be put strictly within law to be stopped….there will always be loop holes… but with citizen responsibility in play stalking can be contained…. The point is to make safety not by curtailing freedom but by embracing freedom…..

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  1. What you have said in the last paragraph is the essence, every society has to abide with it.

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