When Dutt’s Butt is on the line; Will Lady Justice take a peek

Lady Justice lookingLady justice we know is blindfolded with the scale of fairness and truth presiding over justice… but the question is will she take a peek in this high profile case on Sanjay Dutt… The law should be enforced without favor, regard of money, power or social stature….. but looks like even lady justice might get carried away when celebrities enter the courtroom…..

When zaibunnisa khazi is under TADA sees no ray of hope…. One of the most powerful industry in India is all out to defend one of their brethren…. I am not against someone coming forward to defend people known to them…. that is quite natural… and I appreciate that sense of brethren… But what is disheartening is that it makes us believe that if you do not have the clout you are dead without the choice of death…..

Also one of the most ridiculous statements I heard was that Mr. Dutt has acted in Munnabhai MBBS and so should be pardoned… So what about Khalnayak and Vastav…. ? people need to be more reasonable than that… at least in public….

Heard Amar Singh tell on TV today that Dutt should be pardoned because he has small kids….. what kind of a reasoning is that….. It was Mr. Dutt’s choice to get married and have kids…. and that too after he was arrested and knew the trial was on….. so having small kids here is also quite natural….

Being a celebrity is a privilege that the masses grant on you and the clout that comes with it should not be used to arm twist justice… Even if a celebrity has brushed with law they should earn a bruise…. I hope the industry understands that when compared with the sentence of Zaibunissa, Mr. Dutt has had a fair amount of advantage for being a celebrity…. There is an unfairness that is evident and no one can blindfold themselves to that fact…

Bollywood’s decision to defend Dutt and request pardon is quite natural and I don’se see it extra ordinary… but what is important is that the law of the country and people in power do not give way to it…. There should not be two law in one country one for Dutt and one for Zaibunnisa…..

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