Kumare – Finding Truth by Being a Fake

Kumare1Kumare is all about the truth finding Journey of one young man who decides to be a fake guru in order to find the real truth… It is a classical blend of Borat in a eastern way without all the obscenity that Borat traded on…

The movie is a eye opener not just for Guru worshiper but also other who are able to see up close the life and thoughts of people who approach gurus with a total servitude mentality….

These are very nice people who at some point as they are kicked about by life finds someone whom they feel connected with…. In the process they elevate the guru to a level of sanctity while at the same time going down a path of complete submission….

What is outrageous is that this happens every now and then when we hear new age Gurus emerge and then you also hear about these same people termed fake…

I am a strong believer that every Guru is fake and it is only the follower who is true…
Well you can watch and judge for yourself…

Do Watch Kumare..

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