Sreesanth..? Really…? May be the ball is blocking the Eyeball…. Here is my take….

SreesanthI have always been of the opinion that Sreesanth is very immature and many a time bordering on clownishness… I also strongly believe he is a man of not much valor (which many of us making fun of him are not either) and that is the simple basis of my take here…

Sreesanth with the above stats will turn out to be the most vulnerable and gullible cricketer and that simple fact can argue that he does not have to be corrupt to end up where he is now..  Think for a moment Put ourselves in his shoes and imagine being forced by people stronger, powerful (in tunes much louder than Baji) and on top of that vicious, dark and dangerous to dictate… What would be his or our choice even if we know what we have to agree is wrong… probably money has less to play and fear has more room…. We can say he should have fought back….. but then it is always nice to pass remark standing on the sidelines…

We all know about extortion and underworld kingpins deciding what movies one should act in or not…. if there was chance for any gambling possibility on how a story would evolve or end… then we could have seen an equal number of people in the movie industry adhering to that… but movies are all creative arts and not realities like sports…. even without that we know about many movies being made to suit, support, convert and grow illegal riches on gun point. We should not forget that people who have stood against instead of dancing to their tunes have met with an unfortunate fate…

No… I am not defending Sreesanth…. but I am trying to put up a different perspective..  what if he did not want to do it… what if he was forced to…. either way if found guilty he should pay for it…. but in the big picture we should look at how the system works…. We have not been able to put an end to this underworld interference even after we have had other people caught before….

IPL has been controversial from the word go…. because there is so much money involved… it even made a celebrated diplomat writer turned politician stoop to a level that many of us would not have imagined… and felt sincerely bad about…. may be not for money…. but for the love of game and of course cost of acquiring a love…

It is true that because of his own actions Sreesanth might get less ground support in here…. I agree he has been a punch bag for long… Here is one of my old Articles where I too made fun of him… but then here I want to think different…. Was it fear that forced him more than the lure of money…. Was it with an unwilling mind that he got into this web….. Tomorrow it might be proven I am wrong… but then I have been wrong about people many times… this might be one more….

The problem is bigger than what we think… when anything becomes very popular and less controlled and highly profitable it is important that rules be set…. it is important that we look at everything that happens around it…. it is important to act on everything that will sky rocket the probabilities of illegality…. Here gambling was never a secret… everyone knew…. IPL became a great ground for it because it probably gave the players to indulge in it with out an unpatriotic guilt…. It might be true that you will find more vulnerable players in IPL than in the national teams of any country…..

Pointing fingers at Sreesanth ( I am not putting others because sreesanth is the punch bag for many) and being blind to the immense possibilities of the concept of IPL becoming a bed of corruption is an issue….. May be some growth should be planned or else it will go out of control… movie marries sports in the esteemed audience of politics and as they savor on their elevated celebrity status the spectators suck their thumb… Wah bhai Wah!

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  1. I wouldn’t call sreesanth clownish. I would call him ‘indisciplined’ and it is good that such people are punished so that other youngsters dont take after him. Fear of whom, from what. Why did he not approach the police.?

  2. The points which you mentioned here are also the ones that are doing the rounds in my head, when the world is busy being so dramatic about Sreesanth.It gives you so much pleasure to point fingers and if he is hated in general, then it is party time… A good read, mainly because I think similarly.. 🙂

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