The Biggest Mistake

MistakeDon’t let people fool you to believe that you should have figured out everything in life…. If you are not sure…. it is not a crime…. it does not matter what age you are, you can always dream about your future….

Many who say that they have it all figured are mostly lying or have given up with life and lost that ability to dream…. dreamers are always looking life differently…. they can fail but never fall into the predefined silos….

They are not always termed the most successful…. but they are always the most happiest…. because they are not ready to take shit….. at least not in the life they live or dream to live… so if you don’t have everything figured it just means you have still not given up…. you need change to make you happy…. and you should go for it….

Even if you do 99% of things that others keep doing…. you can be guaranteed that hundred years from now no one will ever remember that you existed… then why not do things different…..

Let poems find in you that urge to embrace freedom; Let words give you the courage to let go and think different; Let your dreams pave way for the future you want to live; Let go… and go for the change you want to see…..

Don’t let people tell you that you are wrong for not ‘figuring it all’ in life by now…. because the biggest mistake in life is to figure it all out and end your quest……… 🙂

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