Jessie Hillel – A Voice that will make you want to be good

jessie-hillel-musicWhen you hear Jessie sing it is as if the time stops and waits during every pause she makes… so her voice can come out, get into you and touch your heart…. This eleven year old is so amazingly talented…. A runner up from NZ got talent… Jessie is someone you should watch out for…

I am happy but feel I have been too late in listening to her… I got to hear her sing when someone posted on Facebook today….. There is something special about Jessie’s voice…. it connects with you somewhere telling you to be good…. and that is not a small thing… it is a great thing to be able to do that…. And it is a significantly important talent for the word we live in….

Her voice can take you to the shores of the great oceans to see the magnificent sun set after its day of giving….. It can take you to the mountains just to see a glimpse of dawn….. it can take you slowly through your life and let you pause, look around and feel Aha! here I am…. In short I can say her voice is where I would want my soul to rest…. Words are less to express the talent….

Listen to Jessie Hillel singing O Mio Babbino Caro…..

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  1. I agree with everything Vindo has said. I think Jessie is a world beater. I purchased her latest album thinking it could only be excellent. However I think Sony has stuffed it up completely. The music is far too loud and Jessie’s voice sounds like she is at the back of the orchestra. If I was able I would take the album back for a refund.

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