A Step closer to life – Rhea turns 14

DSC_0539Happy Birthday Rhea….. As you enjoy the most wonderful years of your life… you also get closer to life…. and never let money blind you…

You are getting closer to knowing what you want with life…. I know in the coming years we will have several things to argue about and disagree on… but that is what life is all about…. because there often comes a stage in life when kids and parents both grow in different directions… some deny the fact but we as a family should learn to accept this in life…

No I am not saying you are always right…. I am just telling that never stop asking questions…. Always ask questions… to yourself… and to others…. because only the ignorant and the enlightened have none…. and it is OK to not be either of them…

DSC_0441As you move in life and choose the path you want to go on… you might find a mentor, and it is not necessary that it will be one of your parent…. So don’t be confused when you know what you are doing is right…  You will also in life find your responsibilities, your causes to live, your soul mate, your beliefs, your own fears, your own doubts and so on…. Only thing you should remember is to be rational…. and that as parents we will never want bad for you… we can be wrong but never against you….

If someone tells you that there is only one right path.. Question it… be it faith, religion, parents, mentor, friends, organization, politics or ideology…. Never surrender your ability to question within you…. Because your questions are what will shape your life ahead and give you the answers you need to live happily…

And always have poetry in your life… read and write….. because poetry gives you life……. especially in times where it is hard to find life……

Happy Birthday Rhea!!!

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