Narendra Dabholkar shot dead fighting Superstition

NarendraDabholkarCurtain falls on a life spend on freeing our society from the blindness inflicted by superstition; Narendra Dabholkar is no more… He was shot dead in Pune by two unidentified youths.

As we celebrated another Independence day we have to realize and accept that our society is still chained to superstitions… and the culprits all all around us….

When we grew up we had learned that education helped people fight superstition and prevented people from being duped by fakes…. It used to be the passport to a free life… But now things have changed… Academic Education probably has nothing much to do to help because superstition is rampant within the educated community….

Our society in many ways supports the claim that Jadu Tona, Baba’s and Mata’s can change one’s destiny…. The authorities support superstition as it is often masked in the name of philanthropy… unaccounted money, scams and what not…. Everyday millions are duped in the pretext of something or the other….

The superstition among our community has grown to alarming proportions and parents instead of educating kids out of it often push them more and more into it… Ingraining in them that just studying will not help in a test, but you should also do things that really don’t have a scientific reasoning… “Go get marks in science and math but don’t always reason what happens around you”

We do not really live in a free society because if so People like Sanal Edamaruku will not have to leave India and live in Finland… And now Narendra Dabolkar is shot dead…. The superstition business in India is huge and it has support from the ‘who is who’ in our world, politicians, film industry, business folks and more….

Being a Rationalist is the most important and courageous thing in the current society and I salute you Narendra Dabolkar for your contributions to the society…

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