Asaram Bapu the Besharam Bapu – A Religiotic (Religious Psychotic)

Asaram Bapu ImageAsaram Bapu who once said that the rape victim is equally at fault as the Rapist has now been booked for sexual assault of  a minor (I had mentioned rape earlier which was incorrect)…  Nevertheless This is the same idiot who said that the Delhi Gang rape victim who lost her life last year should have called her attackers Bhaiyya (brother) and begged for mercy and nothing would have happened to her..

This blog initially had two pictures. One is a wall paper that you see now made to promote the claim for Asaram’s divinity and the second one again from the internet just like this one… but after many commenters said that it is a picture of Virato an Osho follower and his wife… I felt it right to take it down…. But if you go to google and search “Asaram Bapu Diksha” you can see the image… Again I am not sure if it is that of Virato… or a faked image….

But my argument is that I know for sure that the picture shown here is not for real and is cooked up to claim Asaram’s divinity probably by someone supporting Asaram to dupe gullible people….. So it is quite natural for people against Asaram to use technology to prove his farce of divinity and use an image that shows him bad… anyway the guy is booked for molestation and we all know is his thoughts on many similar issues have been out of this world and insensitive…

Bottom line is that it is sad that this moron still has a lot of followers…. The interesting thing is that the followers would think this is all part of a conspiracy…. the molestation allegation and so on.. that is how deep rooted some belief systems are…. they don’t change until it impacts people personally… and that is why it is important even for the followers to look at charlatans like Asaram Bapu from a point of societal righteousness…

This is not the first time he has been in news for the wrong reasons… and he is still running his quack shop for long… And I hope this time he gets what he deserves…… but the sad part is if he goes out of business his followers will find another thug similar to him and follow……

There is no way to resolve such issues unless we have strong laws to put these religiotic (religiously Psychotic) fakes behind bars…..

Note: I have a few times thought about taking this down, but the cultured way the followers of this guy has been coming and commenting on the blog makes it important that I don’t take it down.. 🙂 🙂 Read on……

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  1. I am a Muslim, and a Pakistani.. Do you respect me? As a human..? As a neighbor..?

    • Hey Zain… I respect anyone for being a Human.. and I have no extra respect for anyone for belonging to any religion… I also don’t disrespect anyone for being in any religion…..So I really don’t care what religious human you call yourself to be… it does not matter to me… And for your nationality… I really don’t understand why you asked that and why I should disrespect you for being a Pakistani… do you disrespect me for being an Indian…? If yes you have your answer, if no you still have your answer 🙂

  2. in Islam there is a punishment for rapist that is should be buried in earth just below the head.. And then hit him with stones till the rapist die.. And this practice is known as Sansar in Hindi and Urdu.. Just tell me if only one man is killed in Mumbai by this way or in Islamabad and everyone knows its punishment and reason of punishment will there be any other rape?

    • Hey Zain… Appreciate your earlier comment…. but don’t dare to go this way on the punishments and stuff… because religious law is another farce irrespective of which religion…. while we all agree rapists should be punished… there is a Humanitarian way of doing things… I am against capitol punishment for my own reasons… so you can understand how I would feel to your definition of the barbaric punishment you mentioned above.. Again just for records your above said punishment (as you quoted from your religion) also get used for adultery and so o nmany other things which in one way might not even be a crime if not viewed through the religious glass .. To add it is also said that Atheists can be punished by death if you in one of these countries Afghanistan, Iran, Maldives, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or Sudan… It was in a last year Reuters news …. So my friend I feel any human should feel uncomfortable even thinking about your form of punishments…. so for all good thoughts.. don’t dare go where you are taking your thoughts to…. We need laws that don’t turn barbaric and that can be implemented and not so called laws derived from divinity or religions that can go to any extreme in its implementation… Again thanks Zain for commenting… but I have to disagree with you on this….

  3. Your Information and the photo you;’ve given is wrong. it is not of Asaram Bapu. It is of Virato , a US based self styled Tantric.. whatever the heck that means . And here is the real photo (Removed the link) And this does not mean that i am giving this guy a clean chit. Let the law do its work. But i think you should also not spread something unsubstantiated and make the correction now that you know. Thanks.

  4. You are a literate fool. That picture is of Osho follower Virato and his wife. These can be found easily over the internet. Who reads your books, articles, stories? You cannot write such a simple article with truth. Who would believe in your bull shit writing. Don’t use controversial subjects to promote your blog. If you have daring go and publish truth about the country. There are many more things which people need to be aware rather than creating such controversial stories.

    • Thanks Rakesh for your comment…. I have made the change to the post so people get to know all sides of the story… I appreciate your comments if it was because of a wrong fact put here (but if you had read I mentioned that I don’t know if this is real and the reason for putting it is that I consider both images in same level… the first one showing is divinity is a total farce… then the second one is also farce… if people think first is not then people should also be left with the choice to believe that second one is also true… Now for your interesting comments on me the ‘illiterate fool’ if religious crap is the sign of literacy then I am happy being illiterate…. and if not following such charlatans makes me a fool… wow I am happy that I am now enlightened with this information 🙂 so yes the comment illiterate fool suits me well as I think religion is a biggest evil that man created and God the biggest villain he invented… And for man-god idiots like Asaram… what the Divine F… he should be rotting in jail for raping a 16 year old… Or I think he should be already in jail with no bail for making that insensitive comment on Delhi rape earlier…. I understand his son is also a guru or some bullshit… is this a family business? 😉

  5. what a dimwit you are! you take a photograph off the internet and pass it off in a blog post to malign someone who is already a rape accused. it is because of such senseless propaganda that accused persons often get reprieve from the courts. false propaganda if it is proved to be false, prejudices tthe court in favour of the accused. words like gullible and moron that you use to describe his followers and that man, are best used for you. not only is your post counter productive, it reeks of bias. asaram’s followers are largely people with a poor education who did not rationally apply their minds to what they see, just like you.

    • Thats a nice id….. 🙂 I can see the anger in you…. Read the post and you will know why I have put the photographs, I have mentioned that the photo can be that of Virato and his wife… but that being said… WOW.. I like to the extend people will go when someone talks about these fakes… The world is ruined by these kind of people who consider spirituality a business and also get so much concessions from the Governments…. Do you think my post is what would make the court decide differently… wake up dude…. I agree you did not like me calling the guy moron… but thats ok… I have called him that even before… first when he made his statement about the Delhi Rape victim… So moron is rightly used… Gullible is also true because we all know to the extend these kind of divine guru’s make use of people and their beliefs…

  6. Mr. Vinod Narayan, just leave India and go to some other countries if you believe religion is an evil. Go and read the culture of Sanatan Dharama first. It is the freedom which Sanatan Dharma is giving you to blast anything against your religion. If you were a muslim or christian you would have faced dire consequences. Without religion there is no existence of mankind. Speaking about Asaram Bapu, I am following him for past 18 years and I give you the word if he is proved guilty, I will stop preaching him and do whatever you say. Do you have the guts to rub your nose on Asaram Bapu’s feet if he is proved innocent? First of all get your info correct. He is accused of sexual assault and not rape. Learn some respect for your religion first or change your name to some bullshit, if you think religion is evil, because even your name consists of the name of the creator of this World. There is nothing wrong in preaching religion. Sanatan Dharma has many good things to learn. Go and read them and publish some articles which speak about the true facts of this world from Geeta or Ramayana! I am proud being a Hindu.

    • Oh! so that is what you want… people who do not believe in your beliefs should leave the country? Nice to hear that Rakesh… And my mistake for mentioning Rape… I have corrected it… its sexual assault.. but that of a minor…. Try being a human before being a Hindu or Christian or Muslim…. Because as kids we are not born with a religion…. your religious belief does not make you superior in anyway… the deranged caste system all is part of this right?…

  7. Vinod definitely you go to hell.on which base you were used rape word? Jodhpur police says her HYMEN is intact then to whom rape occurred?

    I think you know one thing that if any girl goes to Delhi police station and says vinod Narayan has raped me then without any enquiry they file case against you.

    Before blaming great saint, first try to think about that. thoda as also to use Karo

    • Hey there… Sorry I used the rape word… I have corrected that to sexual assault of a minor… Hope you are happy..
      But if hell is what I get for using it so be it…. and hell and heaven are for you guys… we have this one life on earth that we would like to live without being blindfolded… I would ask you.. Thoda to akal use aro.. and stop bailing out and following these people…

  8. Here’s what he is saying in the post:
    1. “2 pics are presented. Both might be equally false”
    2. “cos the first pic is surely false, second pic becomes justified”. 2 wrongs make a right, truth be damned? The guy is confused…
    3. “Anyway divinity shld not be using technology..its all BS”….a very wide brush stroke…. 4. Asaram is a moron, charlatan, its sad people are still falling for him…personal conclusion? Ppl shld see him from a ‘social righteousness’. its his personal conclusion they are not? 5. The only solution is to have a ‘strong law’ put ‘such people’ behind bars….without a trial? A law becomes strong when people respect it.
    The point is NOT whether Asaram is at fault or not…but do we understand our own thoughts? Do 2 wrongs make a right? A wrong deed maybe committed- but our response to it determines its spread. If we call something wrong – and respond to it from the same level of assumptions/beliefs/if-you-can-do-it-why-not-I just because we think our beliefs are on the ‘right’ side – we are simply magnifying the problem, if not the deed
    The ‘fools’ might worship ‘morons’ like Asaram bapu, and the ‘intelligent’ might worship any guy who articulately opposes him? Do we see that the lack of intelligence is in worshiping anything at all, in justifying something without reasoning – especially when it agrees with our own ‘beliefs’? That many ppl whom we term intelligent because their conclusions(Asaram is a moron, followers are at fault too) match with our’s – might have made those conclusions by looking at the thumbnail pic, without even reading the article? And even if these ‘intelligent’ folks become the majority, does it still mean anything better?
    Everybody thinks they are on the right side – and looks for ‘evidence’ to support it That itself is the problem!! Its all at the same level of ignorance, isn’t it?
    Someone has X belief. another thinks it is wrong. so he believes -X. Both are beliefs. But both think their’s is superior(due to whatever reason). The underlying issue is exactly the same. Acting on beliefs no matter how great, rather than truth.

  9. sorry for referring to you in the third person in my comment. Pasted my response from a discussion on your post 🙂

  10. Vijayraj…. Thanks for your comment… I get your point and if you see my replies I have made changes to the post as I have mentioned in my replies to the folks…. saying the photo can be that of virato and that it was not rape and it was sexual assault… But the sad part is that people with power are above law in the country…. be it politics or religion…. No two mistakes don’t make something right… but putting two possible mistakes together in one page helps give the perspective…
    Interestingly there are people who commented from a neutral side initially and then came out as followers of Asaram.. And I can very well understand how one would feel if their visible god is questioned…. I am not against them…. because if not Asaram they will get another person… that is how belief works…. But I am against anyone who will be a self proclaimed face of divinity… because if that can stop slowly the following will stop….

    I write the post (yes from a personal opinion) that religion is evil and has caused more blood bath than anything else in this world… I think this being my personal I keep this as my opinions… people should read this not as news… but as a personal opinion… there might be things we will agree… things we will disagree… but does not make us completely good or completely bad… similarly…my opinions true to me are free to be dissected and refuted… and if you know.. I have changed words in my post with apologies if found wrong… I appreciate your comment Vijay.. Thanks for dropping by…

  11. Vinod Narayan
    You motherfucker this is not Aasharam in this photo u son of whore… Shame on u son of bitch don’t hesitate to defame anyone just to run ur blog… If u could wrote such a big article n waste time thn now do some homework n find out about the person in the picture n thn correct this fucking article u son of bitch….

    • Hi Sagar… I am amazed by the language of Aasaram followers no wonder… He has given you some real training on how to talk when someone goes against him.. wow… is this also how he talks… may be the reflection of his teachings..? Nice… very very nice… Anyway my friend I have mentioned in the blog that this could be Virato… so don’t get boiled…. let people do the searching if they want to find the truth… Anyway finally he is arrested and I am sure we all should be hapy… cheers!!! 🙂

  12. Man you are offensive I really don’t think you’re views are neutral. I am not followers of asaram and my comment is nothing to with it but i can see your comments against his follower
    But as far as your blog work i really appreciate because i see very few people come out and express their self against asaram our same kind of personality because of it can turn out to be against region
    you are judging dont judge just give your opinion

    • Hi Amit… I agree I have been a bit offensive because it is a pretty different topic… It has been a long time that we have humans like Asaram and the lot (even politicians) prove to be above law… looks like the law that we all trust never matter to them… Sorry if my comments have been offensive….. but I am speaking my heart…. I made my judgement of this aasaram guy when he put out his statement on the Delihi Rape… Hope your remember that…. I have never even bothered about this guy though I have seen him on TV for along time…. But after that day… for me to have my judgement on him.. that statement alone was enough… Anyway Thanks Amit for posting your thoughts.. appreciate it…

  13. Vinod i want to mention one more thing what is nobody is noticing with all sympathy with that little girl i want mention that her parents were asaram ji follower they gave him & acers land as donation my intention is that you cant only blame asaram only for her condition i know she is innocent at her age she dont have understanding but what about her parents they were following and now blaming for sexual assault why this condition happened why they went to ashram
    i want share one more thing i am not sure exact amount but half of follower are for financial gain i know many many big name who borrow money from this kind of trust use it business and behalf of that they do marketing for this kind of trust by watching him and his success they also start following this is chain reaction
    people dont need to go to the any baba or bapu to understand our religion every sastrs in now days available in simple language you have videos and audio copies available too
    For asaram jis follower no one can be bigger then indian constitution you must be happy that asaram ji is not treated like normal people and hi is not guilty then let law do his work by damaging public property or abusing you are only showing what lessons you have learned from him
    Last thing i want mention vinod all the incident happened with asaram ji which only involved him and his follower i hope you get my point

    • Hi Amit… I am not sure if I fully understood the comment… but I agree with you that the followers of Asaram Bapu are equally to blame in situations where their blind following lets people like Asaram flourish and grow… The issue is that in India we do not have a way to control the rise and ongoing looting of these kind of activities… The concept of using religion and people’s beliefs and superstitions to create institutions where money making, power transactions, political pulls all culminate in the common man losing… thats what I am against… this time it is the girl and her parents… who knows who is next… Then coming to my thoughts on religion (be it any) when I stand and look at religion impartially as a human.. I find it so tough to believe as true… but I can also understand how difficult it will be for people standing inside the religion to see it as false… So there is a debate here and not one that will finish anytime soon…

      I am not looking at a world where there will be no religion.. I am realistic and know that will not happen… but the evils of religion can be non-existent but over the past so many years I have seen people with even the slightest religious bend have got more passionate and partial and some even falling into the side of unreasonable fundamentalism…. This is not because of individuals but the way our society is treating religions, Gurus and the politics of religions… this is very alarming to us all.. It is not easy but as human beings this should be a big concern for many of us irrespective of we are in or out of a religion….

      I know I might be offensive and it is very intentional because if not I could have never had many of the comments that have appeared here… especially from Asaram followers ready to pounce on anyone who comments against…. This is called intolerance… and the thought that intolerance is imperetive to keep religion intact is the cancer to society… Not sure if I made all the sense that I expected to… but again… The whole attempt of this post apart from putting forward my sever dislike to the Asaram guy it is also to enable discussion on a larger point that can shatter the sheer pain arising out of superstition, blind following, religio-politics and intolerance … Thanks again Amit for being involved in the discussion

  14. Most of today’s so called Godmen are fake. They are simply astute businessmen/ businesswomen and what they sell is their version of faith and an illusion of mental peace. And in these troubled times, there are many takers for them.
    They should be treated by equal amount of wariness, regardless of the religion/ sect they profess to propound.

  15. Let me correct every body that Religion is not something which can be imposed on others. It is purely belief.I don’t see any reason why people are making middle men(Baba’s) rich by following them.Going through all your posts i can bet that you all have great understanding of religions and are highly literate. Then why follow such Baba’s. Why there is a need to understand religion through their teachings. They have blind folded all their followers to believe anything the say or preach.

  16. you posted fake picture he is not asha ram bapu

  17. i appreciate you for your blog , sir .you are absolutely right .Peoples today Due to their present environment and many other reasons are making blind faith on such a persons . This may be due to their unwanted desires or lack of knowledge of spirituality and Sanatan dharama .

  18. Vinod, do you have the source of this picture which you have used?

  19. Vinod : I dont know if Asa Ram is Guilty or not but want to tell you that it is because of being in Hindustan that you can write this Blog and defame a Hindu Saint . Why dont you write about Militants – Criminals like Dawood , Chota Rajan and likes…because they wont allow you – because inside you also fear them.

    Why dont you write about Congress – Scams and so many wrong overtures of the Politicians. why dont you write about Madarsas in UP ??

    and it is not a question of Vinod Narayan – Here Vinod narayan represents Indian Media which has got double standards and it does anything for cheap publicity and TRP.

    Quacks are in every Industry – Be it Doctors, Politicians,Media, Accountants and so is the case with Spiritual Gurus today.

    If someone is found guilty ( here that also is not applicable) than also you cant brand all the Gurus.

    One more thing – I am not Asa Ram Bapu’ follower but people who have faith in their guru – these words can hurt them. Just think , tomorrow , through a Sting operation – it comes out that Asa Ram was framed – then what you will do. Dont pass judgements buddy – you were not there in Jodhpur.

    Also, there are many good things which Asa Ram Bapu and his trust does – Many service projects running – That you cannot see – Because you only see the negative.

    India is a Country which is known for secularism and because of the basic tenets of Hinduism only – others religion thrive here and people like you can write blogs.

    Actually Hinduism is beyond a Religion – it is a way of life. Write with responsibility because your words can do what a sword cannot.

    When Osho was there, he was criticized by the entire world but once one reads his writing – then only one understands that actually the ones criticizing are morons.

    I will only say – Dont Judge !!!

    • Jaguar…. Appreciate your comment… Hinduism is beyond a religion and it is a way of life is an old cliche…. but I get the essence of what you say… I did not use the word Hinduism if you can see…. but anyway I know that is not going to be a convincing answer for many…

      The other question why I don’t write about madrasas in UP… Well if I get info and feel worth writing I will do so… if you think I don’t write about the infiltration of other religions into politics and threaten the so called “secular way of life’ then please read my post

      And my problem is not with just Asaram.. it is with the concept of human god /Guru etc… along with churches and other religious set ups that tend to snatch form man his free will to express… but when you say man god we have the species only in one religion

      I know followers will feel bad… but I think these Gurus teach not to be angry and carried away because above all there is an eternal truth that is beyond my silly blog post…. if they don’t get it… they should stop following… they are not learning anything after all…. Read the comments of many followers here 🙂 the language their Guru teaches… or the language they have failed to forget even after following such a saint..

      And now about the Good things that these so called Guru’s do… now that is an interesting topic because that is the trump card for most of them… charity… tell me one single Guru who does not have a charitable organization… and tell me how many of them get scrutinized… it is business my friend…

      I am not judging my friend… there are some experiences you cannot get out of you… and my experiences teach me to write this way when I hear the news.. sorry… but I have to stick to where I am….

      • Dear Mr Vinod…India is a land of Guru-Shishya parampara..Swami samarth, ramdas swami, sai baba to name a few..even .these were loathed or detested, conspired against by some ignorant people of their times but that did not erase their divine influence from the minds of their disciples..even Lord Rama had accepted Vashishtji mahraj as his Guru, Shri krishna had accepted Ved Vyas and Durvasa rishi as his Gurus and attended their discourses whenevr was that wrong too?..and who said the concept of man god is limited too just one religion?..who was jesus?..the sikhs worship Guru nanak dev..who was he?? Buddhists consider gautam buddha their master..wasn’t he human??..For an individual on a spiritual quest..his personal experiences are above all for him..I appreciate your politeness in the replies to the comments..and my apologies to u wholeheartedly on behalf of some people for the bad language used by them…everyone’s not the same.

  20. To respect a human being irrespective of it’s cast,religion,financial status etc is the basic principle.It can be resiprocate response too.

  21. I read your article and have gone through all the responses (bashing) that you have received. I wasn’t planning to leave a comment at first but after reading all these responses, I felt the need to say this:
    Kudos to you sir for voicing your thoughts and standing your ground amidst all the irrationality here! Please do not leave the country in the hands of these fanatics. Lost in the translation is the difference between ‘God’ and ‘Religion governed by these Tom Dick & Harry’s that promote their own perceptions’.
    I so appreciate your voice of reasoning and the calmness with which you are fending your opinion.
    And please, you do NOT need to say sorry to every rude comment left here pointing your mistake with that picture! You have already acknowledged your mistake by re-editing the article. They should in turn be sorry for using unnecessary aggression in their posts. Just goes to show their irrational priorities, they will completely disregard the common courtesy and decency in communicating with another human being but they will wash the feet of these ‘Gurus’ they follow so blindly!
    Fortunately there are more people that agree with you than not (I hope) so please keep your thoughts and blogs flowing.
    God bless.

  22. Its nothing but conspiracy to destroy Hinduism by defaming hindu sadhu and santas and it is shamed to see our indian people like you not able to see or dont want see.

  23. Mr. Vinod Narayan so called ‘sick’ulered person who do not do any own research just superstitiously following Media report.
    1) Media was very specific about Mahila vaidya
    Outcome: Narayan Sai have clarified about this news in recent interview & “So called speaking about gender equality what happened to them right now.

    2) One news channel shows: till today 20 girls committed suicide from various gurukul
    Outcome: There is no such report.
    3) Then came matter of woman who claims to serve “Chai-biscuit” in ashram.
    Outcome: check by your own eyes,—-.aspx
    4) Media Reports of Asaram Bapu owning opium plantation in his Panched ashram
    Outcome: Anyone can go there and check what is the reality, even Government team have investigated and found nothing there.
    5) Then came land grabbing case
    Outcome: Some people might have encroached land in the name of Pujya Asaram Bapu for which he is not responsible.
    See more at:

    • Ajay… It is sad that even after all research you are still blinded… Look at the comments down by the Asaram devotees and the language they use…. it is really great shiksha and diksha that people get there 🙂

      • we are not blind d u are blind after all the proof u still belive paid media why u are named as narayan and we will file case against u for posting as besharma bapu to inncoent hindu sant vindo u wait and watch u will pay for this articles of defaming our guruji . do u known any legal things against this case? no then why u did mistake of posting this? u have nothing to with with Pujya Asharamji Bapu . i will drag u to court now be ready

  24. Want to share something, I m a Muslim girl and I am in a relationship with a Hindu guy .the reason I can’t get married to him-religion.
    At very young age, I hated being brainwashed n forcibly made to read n mug up Arabic mantras, forcibly made to keep fast, always was asked to be afraid of god n worship etc by religious mowlvies ( who themselves tried touching me indecently)…after that tried learning abt religion, n u still do.but I just cannot understand how ppl can blv in all this bullshit made hundreds of years ago n spoil entire life .whn I cld question all this Wt innocent tender age of 12, why cnt othrs understand simple fact: religion it’s nothin bt man made drama…

  25. really guys… why fighting with each other… these and lot like these are in our/neighbor/world countries. So thanks to media and somebody stood up to show them we are no longer going to serve psycho priests on name of god

  26. All right I heard seek woman “The Great Brain Washed One”.
    1) Media was very specific about Mahila vaidya
    Outcome: Brain washed poor girls
    2) One news channel shows: till today 20 girls committed suicide from various gurukul
    Outcome: There are 1000s of Gurukul and different ashrams. why here girls die?
    3) Then came matter of woman who claims to serve “Chai-biscuit” in ashram.
    Outcome: Non Sence issues
    4) Media Reports of Asaram Bapu owning opium plantation in his Panched ashram
    Outcome: The god of Brainwash ppl
    5) Then came land grabbing case
    Outcome: Hai Tahats Mafia

    Conclusion : (Robinhood Technique)
    Input: Open Ashram,medicine(non Pharma)
    output: feed needed ppl,medicine distri oh ya … brain washed ppl
    profit : income,lands for frenchise of religion, money non taxable (as org)

  27. Mr Vinod Narayan…You have presented your views based just on the biased news that is being served in the top news channels today? In that case you haven’t presented anything different here..all that you have pointed at is already being propagated by the media with much more salt and spice! Have you ever attended his discourses personally, visited the ashrams?ever met people who have been his disciples for so many years or for that matter, the people staying in his ashrams?..have u taken their views on this whole issue on the subject?(i m not saying u start following him!!! but just to post such opinions u need to do an unbiased research a bit right??).. In spirituality, for an individual his personal experiences will be above all the other things.
    Speaking of Asharamji Bapu , in the delhi rape case issue..his statements were edited and shown..which were out of context…that is an age old technique the media has being using..moreover he had also publicly offered to help and support the victim’s family which was not shown by the media…even today..smartly edited parts of his discourses are shown to audience just to create a bad image(this is cheap journalism!)..just tell me one thing 2-4 people come out of the blue and start hurling accusations, nobody to question their credibility?..if views of 2-4 people are given such a credibility then what about the voice of those lakhs of people serving selflessly in all the ashrams countrywide? crores of people visiting them ?..their views hold no credibility? the media has never interviewed those people who are still staying in the ashram and those holding massive protests countrywide..but it promptly showed small protests held by some people against him..why?..because it is preplanned to show this whole case in a biased way..and everybody knows that this particular case is being followed very aggressively by the media nowadays (has this ever happened with any politician in this country?)..and not just actual news but fake and funny stories are also being shown the reality of which is being brought forward by the ashram community on the social networking sites… Whenever such a thing happens one must first look at similar past incidences that have taken place. There has been a history of ‘just accusations and allegations’ against most saints in this country. The media had actively shown those news 24*7 and a bad image was being created in people’s minds.. Most of them have been proved innocent in court of law..Jayendra saraswati, baba ramdev, swami nityananda, kripalu mahraj..all of them have been accused of serious crimes but all allegations fell flat when the court found them to be innocent.(some would say that they had political connections that’s y they were out..if politics can get u out of is quite possible that it can get u inside too..the accusations may be politically motivated..people won’t think this way becos they have been brainwashed by the media today against the saints of this country) .have u ever wondered why the news of their innocence was never shown with the same enthusiasm by those news channels? very few people know today that aajtak had issued a public apology to swami nityananda (link : even this news was not there in any of the media channels. the two parties may even have entered a monetary settlement as demanded by nityananda’s trust but obviously such things will not be shown by the media becos that will make people question the credibility of the media itself and today Asaramji Bapu is being treated as a very dangerous terrorist with a deep criminal history..It is just a matter of time when this case will be dismissed just as previous ones…Overall, Cheap journalism and even cheaper politics is what’s going on…

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    info for my mission.

  29. youz a dumb ASS! Not a thing more! Know this and take pity on urself….coz u can’t and won’t do anything else coz of ur ego! RIP… no ….. BIH

    • Tera baap (I am not sure that is your name); Wow, so angry… 🙂 Is is because this lunatic is still behind bars..? Let the law take its course and there is no point being angry; Isn’t anger management something they teach you… Anyway, don’t worry; you can get treated for religious lunacy, you just need to start loving others and stop thinking that people should RIP and BIH 🙂 Common my friend, I agree common sense is not common, but you can try to find it…. Thanks for visiting…

      • vinod narayan abhi tu hero ban we are going to drag u in court for psoting this ninsense . who is besharam? u and youe family are besharam waste on earth .now u have insulted our guruji we will take revenge of this . all who ever doing such masti on social site is under our watch . and would have to pay for this

      • mail me i will show u who is fake and what i can do to you for this articles have guts then mail me

  30. besharam vinod narayn . plz catach this bastard soon . i have forward this site link to our socialmedia mail id address and also let see kis baap ko aulad he ye .

    • Hi Sapna999….

      Thats a nice name…. though fake…. very few supporters are ready to come out with their real identity and that says so much about this whole mystic corrupt…. And the way you bhakts have been screaming obscenity, It very clearly says what is being taught.. Kya sanskar hein ye behsaram ke bhakton ka… hai hai….:)


      • abe harami vinod behshram ka bhakt tu aur tera baap hoga. sanskaar kisna nikal raha he kutte . sale tu yaha harami giri karta he tera sanskaar per hum sawal utha rahe he kya baap he tera sanskaar wala lena na dena theka liya he aisa bhonk rha he tu yaha per are kan khol kar sun kutte me koi fake nhi hu sapnasandhu1@gmail id ye meri id he aur mere pitaji high court me wakil he give me your details waise bhi tu ab gaya kaam se i am going to file FIR agaisnt u .

      • abe harami vinod behshram ka bhakt tu aur tera baap hoga. sanskaar kisna nikal raha he kutte . sale tu yaha harami giri karta he tera sanskaar per hum sawal utha rahe he kya baap he tera sanskaar wala lena na dena theka liya he aisa bhonk rha he tu yaha per are kan khol kar sun kutte me koi fake nhi hu sapnasandhu1@gmail id ye meri id he aur mere pitaji high court me wakil he give me your details waise bhi tu ab gaya kaam se i am going to file FIR agaisnt u . teri sari hoshiyari court me nikalegi bahar

      • people findign hard to deal with this vinod narayn plz mail me at let put this author behind bars .for posting this articles even their is no single things yet proved in court and this bloody idiots is showing his empty head decision on our innocent guruji .vinod u will face huge problem now . i have already made FIR agianst 2 more people doing same things and now they are running here and there. hope to meet u soon . my people are working to find u out

      • sapna forwaded your msg to this vinod and in addition shown my support to u i have already filed FIR plz contact me

      • and what is taught to u by your besharam parents vindo? jaan na pehechan lena na dena bina kisi proof ke sant ko behsaram bolna is this is what your sanskaar is ? look into yourself first before pointing to others. aur hamare guruji ko bolne se we are not going to show u our sanskaar . tujhe tere hi bhasha me samjhayenge. ye sanskaar wali dailog to musalman laando k samne rakhna . we also know how to deal to asur and rakshak remember this mala k sath humne bhala bhi liya he hath me

  31. remove this bogus article quickly or else author would be resposible for his broken face and legs

  32. कुछ साल पेहले भारत के एक महान संत के खिलाफ करोडो डोलर खर्च कर सदी की सबसे बडी साजिश हुवी थी……
    साजिश अभी भी चालू है….
    Step 1
    पहले हिंदू साधू को झूटा लांछन लगाकर मिडीया को पैसे देकर बदनाम करो….
    Step 2
    इसके बाद हिंदू अपनेही साधू संतो को गाली देंगे….
    Step 3
    हिंदू अपने मार्गदर्शक खो देंगे..
    Step 4
    उसके बाद हिंदू अपने धर्म का उपहास करेंगे…..
    Step 5
    हिंदू परधर्म के तरफ आकर्षित होंगे।
    और हिंदू खतम हो जायेगा
    यही विदेशी चाल है ।
    भारत के उस महान संत के खिलाफ षडयंत्र हुवा वो है परम पूज्य संत श्री आसारामजी बापू।
    संत श्री आसारामजी बापू कौन है?
    🚩1🌀ब्रम्हनिष्ठ लीलारामजी महाराज के शिष्य है आसारामजी बापू……
    🚩2🌀विश्व मे चार करोड से जादा जिनके शिष्य है वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩3🌀हजारो गायो की रक्षा करनेवाले वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩4🌀 विश्वगुरू भारत का सपना देखनेवाले वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩5🌀संसार के सौ से जादा देशो आश्रम बनवाकर हिंदूत्व का काम करनेवाले वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩6🌀शिकागो मे हिंदूओको धर्मपरिषद जितानेवाले वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩7🌀लाखो इसायोको हिंदू बनानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩8🌀गरीब आदिवासीयो की सेवा करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩9🌀लाखो की मास मदिरा छुडानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩10🌀पुनः गुरूकुल शिक्षण पद्धती शुरू करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩11🌀साध्वी प्रग्यासिंग ठाकूरजी का खुलकर समर्थन करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩12🌀जयेंद्र सरस्वतीजी के निर्दोषत्व के लिये संघर्ष करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है।
    🚩13🌀सनातन हिंदू धर्म की रक्षा करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩14🌀प्राचीन भारत की विद्या की रक्षा करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩15🌀स्वीस बैंको के खिलाफ सर्वप्रथम आवाज उठानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩16🌀 सबसे कम दाम मे गरिब बच्चो के लिये नोट बुक बनवानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है….
    🚩17🌀सबसे कम दाम मे आयुर्वदिक दवा बनाने वाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩18🌀व्हेलेंटाईन डे के विरोधमे मातृ पितृ दिन बनाकर भारतीय संस्कृती की रक्षा करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩19🌀ख्रिसमस के खिलाफ तुलसी पुजन मनानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩20🌀युवाधन सुरक्षा किताब बनवाकर युवकोको सच्चा मार्ग दिखलानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩21🌀नरेंद्र मोदि को पंतप्रधान बनाने का सपना देखनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩22🌀वैदिक मंत्र शक्ती का प्रसार करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…
    🚩23🌀विद्यार्थीयोको सारस्वत मंत्र प्रदान करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है….
    🚩24🌀”ऋषी प्रसाद” नामक मासीक बनवाकर पुरी दुनियामे हिंदू धर्म का डंका पिटवाने वाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩25🌀देश के विभिन्न भागो मे जाकर सत्संग ग्यान देनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩26🌀जिनकी सिर्फ एक झलक देखनेके लिये करोडो साधक तरसते है वो संत श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩27🌀सः महात्मा दुर्लभः।
    वासुदेवपरायण महात्मा दुर्लभ है..और वो हमारे श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩28🌀आत्मग्यान के धनी श्रीआसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩29🌀जिनके स्मरण मात्र से ग्यान उत्पन्न होता है वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩30🌀जिनके स्मरण मात्र सभी संकटो का नाश होता है वो आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩31🌀 जिनके स्मरण मात्र मन प्रफुल्लीत हो उठता है वो संत श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩32🌀गीता का ग्यान देनेवाले श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩33🌀गायत्री मंत्र की दिक्षा देनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩34🌀लाखो करोडो जनो के जीवन सवारनेवाले संत श्रीआसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩35🌀अनेक दशको से बेईमान भांड हरामखोर मिडीयावालो को भिडनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩36🌀भर सत्संग मे मिडीया को “भोकनेवाला कुत्ता” कहनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩37🌀हिंदूद्रोही ताकदो का निशाना आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩38🌀हिंदूद्वेशी मिशनरी के दुश्मन आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩39🌀सेकुलर पार्टी के दुश्मन आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩40🌀भांड मिडीया के दुश्मन आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩41🌀धर्मांतर वालो के राह का सबसे बडा काटा आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩42🌀जिनके सामने मोहन भागवत् और प्रविन तोगडीया समेत सिंघल जी कासर झुकता है वो संत श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩43🌀हिंदूत्व की शान श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩44🌀कर्हाड (महाराष्ट्र) मे भव्य राम मंदिर रामजी के मुर्ती की प्राण प्रतिष्ठापणा जिनके हात हुवी है वो संत आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩45🌀अहमदनगर (इस्लामी नाम) जिल्हे का नाम बदलकर विठ्ठलनगर (हिंदू नाम) रखने का आग्रह रखनेवाले संत श्री आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩46🌀”धर्म रक्षा मंच” अध्यक्ष है आसारामजी बापू…. हिंदुस्थान के प्रमुख संतो ने उन्हे अध्यक्ष बनाया था।
    🚩47🌀संस्कृत भाषा के कट्टर समर्थक है आसारामजी बापू….
    🚩48🌀वेद उपनिषद् रामायण महाभारत के व्याख्याकार है आसारामजी बापू……
    🚩49🌀कुंडलिनी विद्या के आधिकारीक गुरू है आसारामजी बापू….
    🚩50🌀पूरे भारत मे हरि ॐ हरि ॐ का संकिर्तन करनेवाले संत है आसारामजी बापू…….
    🚩51🌀गर्भहत्या के खिलाफ आवाज उठानेवाले संत है आसारामजी बापू…….
    🚩52🌀वैफल्यग्रस्त युवाओ को पथपर लानेवाले मार्गदर्शक है आसारामजी बापू……
    🚩53🌀देश विदेशो मे हजारो बाल संस्कार केंद्र चलाकर संस्कृति बचा रहे है आसारामजी बापू…..
    🚩54🌀योग प्राणायम की शिक्षा देनेवाले योगगुरू है आसारामजीबापू……
    🚩55🌀मुश्कील हालात मे उमा भारतीजी को समर्थन देकर हिंदूत्व की आन बचानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है….
    🚩56🌀हिंदूह्रदयसम्राट बालासाहेब ठाकरे,नरेंद्र मोदि, रमन सिंग,शिवराज सिंग चौहान जिनका सत्संग सुनते थे है वो महान वक्ता आसारामजी बापू है…….
    🚩57🌀सोनिया जब रामसेतु तोड रही थी तब उसके खिलाफ आवाज उठानेवाले आसारामजीबापू है…..
    🚩58🌀बिकट परिस्थीती मे सत्यसाई बाबा का साथ देनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…
    🚩59🌀हिंदू त्यौहारो को सनातन विधी से मनाने की सीख देनेवाले हितैषी है आसारामजीबापू…….
    🚩60🌀बिहार मे जब बाढ आयी थी (2008)मे तब उनको मदत करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…
    🚩61🌀जिनके सामने कथाकार मोरारी बापू और श्री श्रीरविशंकर नतमस्तक होते है,वो आसारामजी बापू है….
    🚩62🌀जब महाराष्ट्र के विदर्भ मे अकाल पडा था तब किसानो को करोडो की मदत करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩63🌀अपने सत्संगो मे छत्रपती शिवाजी महाराज,महाराणा प्रताप,छत्रसाल,गुरूगोविंदसिंगजी की कथा बताकर पुनः भारत का गौरवशाली इतिहास उजागर करनेवाले “राष्ट्रसंत” आसारामजी बापू है….
    🚩64🌀वैदीक ग्यान का प्रसार करनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…..
    🚩65🌀”पंचगव्य” का पुनः महत्व समझाकर स्वदेशी गायमाता का महत्व समझाने वाले आसारामजी बापू है…
    🚩66🌀तथाकथीत ढोंगी रामपाल का विरोध कर समाज मे जागृकता फैलानेवाले आसारामजी बापू है…
    🚩67🌀”महिला उत्थान समिती” कि स्थापणा कर हजारो महिलाओको रोजगार देनेवाले आसारामजी बापू है….
    🚩68🌀”युवा सेवा संघ” स्थापीत करके लाखो युवाओको एक करके हिंदूत्व का काम आसारामजी बापू कर रहे है…
    🚩69🌀”व्यसन मुक्ती अभियान”
    चलाकर सही पथदर्शन का काम आसारामजी बापू कर रहे है।
    🚩70🌀सुदर्शन चैनल के मालिक सुरेशजी चव्हान के आदर्श आसारामजी बापू है ।
    🚩71🌀”विद्यार्थी तेजस्वी तालिम” के निर्माणकर्ता संत श्री आसारामजी बापू है…
    आज जेल मे भी अपनी मौज मे है बापू…..
    आज न कल सत्य सामने आहक जायेगा… अंतिम जित सत्य की ही होगी…हरिॐॐॐॐॐ
    “संत श्री आसारामजी बापू” जिन्होने अपनी संपूर्ण आयु सनातन धर्म के लिये खर्च की…..
    भारत देश के स्वाभिमान और हिंदूत्व के लिये अपनी जान लगा दी…..
    आज वो साधू वो महापुरूष एक षडयंत्र के अनुसार तुरूंगवास मे है…..
    कल दूसरे हिंदू साधू को फसाया जायेगा…
    फिर तिसरे……
    ।।।जाग हिंदू जाग।।।

    -एक गुरूभक्त
    🚩जय श्रीराम🚩
    नारायण नारायण
    नारायण नारायण

  33. one eye society ?? u have already proven u are the one who are increasing number of counts in our one eye society


  1. Our One Eyed Society – Life is not an Archery Competition « Vinod Narayan

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