Left Right Left – A beautiful Cinematic March

“If you want to hit the ball with your left leg; you have to stand on your right leg” that is a masterpiece dialogue when you look at the what is boiling and in news in Kerala politics… Hats off to Murali Gopi and Arun Kumar Aravind for bringing the movie to us…

Kaitheri SahadevanThe whole scene where this piece of dialogue is picturised unravels a new face to malayalam cinema and a very good one, Harish Peradi who acted as Kaitheri Sahadevan the ruthless political leader…. Beautifully done…

The movie comes from the same team that brought us Ee Adutha Kalathu last year that I had reviewed here

Left Right Left posterLeft Right Left tells us a story that spans across last 5 decades and moves through the political veins of kerala where the color of red is a prominent and inherent part of life for Keralites both against and for the ideology in Kerala politics….

There have been other movies that share the same subject before from the successful Lalsalam to the not that successful Janam… but here this movie is much different from that…. for its composition of characters and method of storytelling…

Another Interesting character of the movie is that of Jayan (actor Indrajith) a totally apolitical policeman who has set his own rules to cope with his surrounding… His own version of right and wrong… A lead (not totally negative) character unlike other movies where the policemen are either villainous or too good.. this is a very different take on the police and true to the movie caption that man is part DNA, part unknown and part what he sees and goes through as a child…

Left-Right-Left-Murali GopyMurali’s Character as Che Guvera Roy is not new but a character that many Keralites in and outside the party silently admire in their minds… There can be no political movie in kerala without a character like him… either as a lead of as a support role… That does not mean the role is not good… it has been done exceptionally well by Murali…

But what stuck with me after the whole movie was the role played by Harish Paderi… Not sure how he would fair in other roles… but this role was made for him… And I think that credit again goes to the makers of the movie…

I like the movie… Happy to see good movies come…. This is a real good time for Malayalam cinema….

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