Watching the malayalam movie Drishyam was like attending a carnival

drishyam-movie-poster-1“Drishyam” to malayalam cinema in my opinion is like what “Wednesday” was to Hindi cinema….. The only difference is that Wednesday keeps you held on to the seat from the very start but Drishyam takes it slow till the interval and then takes off with a pace quite unknown to malayalam movies…..

While Wednesday made the hindi movie goes speechless…. Drishyam made the malayalee movie lovers stare the screen with disbelief..

Drishyam-Malayalam-Movie-Poster-2When a kid goes to a carnival holding their dad’s hand and if you look at the kid’s face you can see it change between excitement, disbelief and happiness of the moment…. That is exactly how the viewers feel when they watch the movie…

I think this was the only movie where I saw the malayalee crowd applaud after the movie was over…. Throughout the two and a half hours visual spectacle (or I will call it one and a half hours post interval) all the viewers walked obediently holding the director cum writer Jeethu Joseph’s hands through a cinema carnival…

Drishyam poster 3He took us through places and visuals (drishyam) unfolding it piece by piece through the unmatched performances of none other than the complete actor MohanLal and the ensembled cast each of one making their mark in the movie….

This is a movie that must be watched… debated, learned from by upcoming writers and directors….. As always… I will not get into the story or even the theme of the movie… because it is something that should be experienced and not explained….. seen not read because it is all about the visual… the drishyam

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  1. good review.
    I saw the movie today after my wife waspestering. …Great…I thank her…..
    I was googling even several hours to read more about it.
    Jeethu, Lalettan,IPS officer, Sajan, Lal’s wife were all great.


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