AAP Supporters need to be more practical and break out of this hurt-complain-apology cycles

I mean AAP supporters; not leaders and not members… because supporters have a big hand in building or breaking a political organization…. Two days back I wrote on my take on Dr. Kumar Vishwas’s 6 year old comment on malayali nurses…. More than congress or BJP supporters it was AAP supporters who commented and emailed me on how much Kumar’s comments hurt them and that they did not expect something like this to come from an AAP leader contesting elections.

Well I am sorry to hear that because if that is the case they are in for a very big surprise… because AAP leaders are nothing above human and the corruption crusade is the only thing that brought them together… which means these people while having a common goal of corruption free India and to change the way politics work in India they too will have a few dents, few very visible dents in the way they see the world around….

Now you have Vishwas tomorrow you will find another person who might have said or done something a few years back that you will have to feel hurt and will have to demand apology for…So if you decide to object everything please be ready for a long time spend in the hurt-complain-apology cycle

A typical response I got was… “But I feel bad because I am an AAP supporter”…. well dude, this was 6 years ago…. grow up…. If AAP should stand up and fight the Goliaths in Indian politics you need to act at least like a David… The big picture should be visible always… And AAP team should be able to convey that message across….

If the anti corruption crusade was what brought every AAP worker together, the anti corruption slogan alone will not hold it together….. you need to know how to find middle grounds, how to form alliances for the greater good….

Delhi was not something AAP ever expected…. and it is not necessary that they have to be in power everywhere…. it is good to be a strong opposition in key states….. and there is a reason why I say that…. because AAP in its current structure will lose a lot of supporters in states where it loses….. losing is very different from winning and when you are not like one of those political Goliaths then there being in the losing side can be a big issue for many in the long run….

So AAP needs to start talking internally about the event of a massive election loses and how they will work from the opposition…. Supporters if not will feel that they can work only if they are in power…

So supporters of AAP you need to be more practical….. accept that your leaders also are not super human…. they too make mistakes…. Everything takes time to mature…. so if you believe that AAP is the new India then keep supporting and don’t get agitated on everything that your opposition raises….that is their job…. you do yours…. Don’t let the core apolitical nature in AAP kill its political career….

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