Beyond the Fight on Anti Corruption

Indian Flag HandThere is no question on the importance and relevance of a fight against corruption.…. The various goons, clowns and crooks have taken a lot of effort since independence to bring it to a level where the average citizen believes that corruption is another arm of bureaucracy…. The Anti corruption movement by Anna and team earlier gave the common man a sense of hope…. Arvind and the AAP gave that hope a further boost by entering politics to change the system… Yes there are flaws…. but not flaws that cannot be corrected with time….

If corruption can be reduced even by a small percentage it will tremendously benefit the society… And the fact that corruption spans across many social branches makes it the most obvious issue at hand to resolve…. But India as society is very different… our problems and opportunities are also multifaceted that corruption is only one issue to address… a big one I agree… what stands to be seen is how AAP can focus on the larger issues irrespective of being in power… Here are few items that come in mind… not complete but some areas I feel needs to be addressed for societies progress…

These are probably nothing new… but sometimes more than learning about new things it is important that we are reminded of things we might already know….

Illiteracy is still a main issue our society faces…. but education we know goes beyond basic literacy and the goal to get world class education facility to every kid in India…. this will not be achieved by building schools because if you build a school you should also have the transportation for kids from even far of places… then about the infrastructure cost, teachers are more….. We should seriously explore the online education method to enrol and teach kids… The opportunity for education as a social business and new social entrepreneurs should and will emerge at this opportunity… The aim should be to build the next generation on an all round education skills that assimilates knowledge, physical, social and economic growth…

CorruptionIt has been three years since the last polio case was reported in India… This is a great achievement for a country like ours where the population is so huge… but we still have a long way to go on healthcare…. The relevance of hygiene is even more important now for the main reason that cost of healthcare is increasing and its affordability is reducing… Now at least a tooth extraction is affordable in india but that time is not away when like in many other countries without an insurance a tooth extraction becomes quite unaffordable…. thats about teeth… I would not get into other areas where due to lack of insurance and affordability small ailments go unattended and become issues that becomes an uncurable nightmare… The prevention is better than cure slogan is again not just about hygiene it is also the ability to detect and contain illnesses well in advance….. Our investments into detection should be accessible and available to every nook and corner of the country….

There are several reasons why we experience Social Unrest….. For a country like ours where it is very easy to find differences between each other… be it language, region or religion it is also very easy to create two or more sides for every issue and argument that arises…. The fight against Corruption in my opinion will not touch this arena much… education will help address this issue to a great extent as when people become more responsible and understanding of the common objectives the differences can be discussed before being debated and agreed before being fought… The infiltration of religious sentiments into every walk of life just to show the difference is in my personal opinion a big issue existing and growing in our society… The fundamentalism in every aspect (religion, language, region and more) gripping the new generation is something that even education cannot always help out… This needs a new wave that unites the country and the country men first as humans, then as Indians and then if needed on basis of religious beliefs or disbeliefs…

Water, Electricity, Roads and other facilities….. This is very closely linked with Corruption because even if we have solutions for a fix these, the corruption cripples, curtails and impedes the progress… the fight against corruption if it progresses can tremendously improve or initiate an improvement (in my opinion) in making sure that money allocated for infrastructure and other facilities get used rather than get robbed… I use the word robbed because a person who takes a bribe on infrastructure project is a thief and what he does is rob the nation and its people….

Burning IssuesWe always had criminals.. we have a police and justice system to track, arrest and punish them… but the most bewildering issue in the recent past is that the common man (with no previous criminal record) commits heinous crimes like the ones we saw in Delhi and elsewhere on women and children…. These are people who given a chance turned into crime… even to levels that will cover in shame the face of hardened criminals… education can help here to an extent… but we see many of these folks are also educated…. what prompted them is not money but they were resultants of a societal decay… The questions that need to be answered are how can we make the place safer…. How can we ensure that people don’t break the law when someone is not looking… police can do a small part of the job… a strong and fast justice system will help prevent some of them happening in the future…. but a social awakening (and I mean non-religious) is needed to address this…In a recent news a 20-year-old tribal woman was allegedly gang-raped in a West Bengal village on the orders of something similar to khap panchayats…. these are not cases of corruption but degraded belief systems… beyond the politics, beyond the fight on corruption these things need to be addressed

We have more issues but the people are committed and strong…. without people nation is just a geographical fact and nothing more…. so people should dream and live the reality in order to build a future we all need…

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