Happy Birthday Rhea – Smile, Be Yourself and Dream Big; the clouds will reach to you..

Rhea_15What can I say…. that little girl has grown up…. I wish we could rewind time… but that is one thing that none of us can… however bad we want it…. so today as you turn 15 I want to tell you…. time, we never get it back…

From believing in tooth fairies and Santa Claus you have grown up to believe in you and the realities of life…. This is your time… important, wonderful years with more important and wonderful years ahead of you…. present and future both are yours, but past is never a choice…. time, we never get it back….

You will experience trust up close… you will have your share of errors in judgment… you will make some friends who will be with you life long…. there will be some who will be so thick but then wither away in time… you will come across a few who you wish you never knew… You will know attraction… you will know broken hearts…. you will slowly know the difference between infatuation and love…. and given a choice you will chose love…

You are gearing up for that final leaps of education preparing yourself for the future…. education is not about jobs, it is about dreams…. Your education is your tool to fulfill your dreams…. your dreams dear, not our dreams…. your dreams…. your education will help you dream better… because we are what we dream Rhea…. and we become what we pursue….

Looking back I can see a few chapters of lost time in my book… chapters I left blank without writing anything…. Chapters I never knew even existed till the time passed… a fatality of ignorance… and Now I can’t go back….

But you are starting to write your life… word by word, line by line, page by page… never leave a page blank… write something into it… something that will push you forward… take you closer to completeness…. it is your life….. It might not be right always, but write something…. every mistake is a learning, and some cost more than others… make it when you are young because as you get older it becomes less affordable….

Coming to writing I want to tell you one last thing…. I see a very deep thinker and an exceptional writer in you…. the writings you have shared with us is much beyond your age…. you should pursue it… you will love it….. but again.. it is your dream you should follow, never ours…

Happy Birthday Rhea – Smile, Be Yourself and Dream Big; the clouds will reach to you…

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