The Missing Milkman – 365 Flash Fiction #11

It was a morning when they realized that the milkman is missing…. It is true that evenings would not be the best time when they will know something like this… though he remembered that before they bought a refrigerator the milkman used to come twice in the day… mornings and evenings…

There were two reasons… one the refrigerator helped them to store milk, secondly they were all kids back then, now they are grown up and they do not drink milk… so the morning time was the only time they would know that the milkman was missing… he went out and saw that some of the neighbors were also outside their homes….
One lady two houses from his came out and said that the milkman was missing the previous evening as well… He got it, they either do not have a refrigerator or they drink more milk… so no everyone knows that the milkman went missing yesterday and not today….

The question among the people who came out of their homes was where did the milkman go?… no one seemed to bother about the milk not being available… probably they have stock with them… except the lady who did not have enough milk from previous evening… so is the issue milk or the milkman…? The majority were concerned about the milkman…. Milk, they can go and buy from the store….. But a missing milkman that is a much bigger issue….

As they kept thinking and discussing possibilities and about other unwanted daily chores, he got back into his house and walked to the bedroom…

He took up the phone and dialed… a man picked up the phone at the other end..
“Are you guys’ safe…?” he asked into the phone….
“Yes….” said the voice “Does anyone know there…..?”
“Not yet…. They will, today evening once they don’t see her come back after her sleep over….”
“Yes….. They will come after us…. They will charge me…. They will say she is under aged and that she is young like my daughter…” The voice in the phone paused for a moment “that will add to their case…. We need to get as far as possible before that…. We are leaving here now… I will contact you….”

“You don’t have to worry…” he said “She is your daughter… you both know that….. that is what matters”
“Yes… but…. Who will substantiate…. Her mother won’t…”
“But her mother’s husband will….. Won’t he….? Doesn’t he know?” He asked

“No he won’t he has known this all his life… he can never have kids, but his wife, her mother has no clue… that is weird but she does not… may be she does, but she still plays it clean in front of him… No he won’t say…..” The Voice pause and then continued “I know it from our doctor friend who asked me this…. As he knew I was close with their family…. My friend… I would not have done this… if only she could have acknowledged this in front of my daughter… but she will not….”

The voice went silent for a while but spoke before he started “And yes… it is Lucky for me, my daughter over heard what we were speaking….. that gave me the time to bond with her…. It is she who said that we leave for somewhere far… or else I would not have done it… I am not that string, but I cannot go against my daughter’s wishes… may be daughters make you stronger”

“So now what are your plans……?” He was thinking if the milkman will continue his trade somewhere else or switch trades..
“I am not sure my friend…. The point is we have to leave there… I cannot let her live in a place she does not want to….. She is my daughter… I had thought of asking her mother to come as well…. But I know she would not….. I was left with no choice…. Not sure if they will understand… I cannot even imagine the stories they will now make about us….. she is my daughter…”

“You be strong buddy… you are a good man….” He said..
As the voice thanked him, he laid back on his bed…. His mind was all about the milkman and his daughter… What will they do to live…? Where will they go…? Then he found his own answers… they might go to a place where only strangers live… strangers who will accept them as daughter and father… strangers who will not poke their nose into their life… let them be happy… he decided to take off that day… he closed his eyes… will wake up when the commotion starts…

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