Transcendence Movie Review – Will make you rethink the term existence

Transcendence2014PosterOne thing is clear, one can enjoy a movie even if one does not understand it completely…. Johnny Depp-Morgan Freeman Starer ‘Transcendence’ is a futuristic movie that looks at singularity, Artificial Intelligence and so on… all of which I have pretty low knowledge on… but I loved the movie…. Well I don’t think I have seen any Johnny Depp or Morgan Freeman movie that I did not like…..

Johnny Depp plays Dr Will Caster whose conscience is uploaded to a super computer before he dies and then it spreads across the world…. As always I am not going to spoil by telling more about the movie but will share some thoughts the movie did ignite in me…

Throughout the movie I was thinking about the term existence… It is a very interesting term…. we know we exist and the moment we try to explain it we kind of go all directions…. the physical existence and the existence of our conscience…. what is real? can one exist without the other…. and so on… two thoughts surfaced after the movie..

Firstly in our current connected world we know many folks with whom we are connected only over internet…. may be through chat rooms, IMs or via social media… one fine day if that person stops existing, one can still Transcendencemake his or her existence felt for his online friends either through an online impersonator or through a computer program…. every trace of both of your online interrelated existence is available to be memorized, your chats, photo shares and so on…. there is nothing between you unrecorded…. which means that people can if they want to, exist forever for others online…. so now existence has to be explained based on physical, mental or online…. Interesting?

Secondly I found in one way the movie questions the validity, practicality and existence of a supreme power… the absurdity of a one single power that controls everything in the world… not directly but indirectly… yes I am talking about what people ideate as ‘God’… The thought of a supreme intelligence which has nothing above it by itself is a big threat to our world because its powers and intentions are never questioned…. and following something that cannot be questioned can be recipe of disaster….

transcendence-morgan-freemanI could also see in the movie a message that even if there is a supreme being that will only do good for the world its methods will be such that it will interfere in the natural evolution of the world…. which means the line between good and evil kind of blurs…. existing as humans, naturally progressing and surviving as one is the core of our being… added to this is that the theory of the existence of a super intelligence in the past also gets dismissed because if it did then we would not be trying to or having to create one… We can weave stories and believe what ever we want but…. super intelligence if it need to be validated can be validated only in the future, if at all possible… the past only has stories and hearsay.. so a God is yet to be created by man….

So these thoughts followed me after the movie and thought of penning them here…. The movie is a worthy watch…. and think beyond the movie… it is a good exercise…..

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