Mother’s Day…. The Whys, Why Nots and the importance

mother-589730_1280Mother… That word signifies much more than the letters in it.. it encompasses a multitude of words in one… for some an entire life is filled complete in that one word…. for some it is a reminder…. a check in life…. Mother…. the word, the symbol, the people, they all can never be contained in a single day, Every year Mother’s day falls short of time to express gratitude.

Even when we grow up from being smalls kids into adults, parents ourselves, every moment of hurt and need to call out someone we call out our Mother, Amma, Mai, Maa, Mamma…. We have grown to understand that there are things a mother might not be able to help us with, yet we call her, because she is the only person we know for sure who will keep us in front of her…. protect us like no one can…. die fighting for us…. not let us down and protect us from falling in front of the same ridiculing crowd that we embraced in lieu of her….. Mother… that name is always our last safe space…..

Yes, Mother’s day is commercialized and a single day can be too short for some connections… but that does not mean one day is not needed…. even for those who have lost their mother in the busy streets of commercialized gratitude and gift giving; one day to remember is good. It is also important to understand that one day is never enough….. that even a life is short for showing gratitude…. ‘Mother’ is a word that will keep you protected even when you are old and you have a nightmare….. you might have a day to become just a commercial participant of the Mother’s day; but the word, the person, she will be with you always.

Finally to the many skeptics who say that a Mother’s day signifies nothing and they kind of rebuke the whole concept because of it’s commercialization…… well I disagree with ya all. Mother’s day is not just to celebrate your Mother’s day, for that you have her Birthday and above all your Birthday.

When the heck did you celebrate your mother on your birthday, don’t you think that is more appropriate than celebrating your birth? Probably you should do that and celebrate Mother’s day for all the Mother’s in the world….. to the importance of that word. If you are unaware Mother’s day is celebrated by even people whose Mothers are no more with them.

So Mother’s day is to celebrate the life of a Mother. So sit back and relax….. there is commercialization….yes…. but nothing more and weird than the commercialization and partying you do on your Birthday… without remembering the mother who gave you birth… So chill….

There are some debts that we can never repay. The debt to the womb is something that will remain unpaid even in our Tomb.

Happy Mother’s day to all… I mean to all those Mothers in this world.

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