The Piece Mirror – 365 Flash Fiction #15

Broken MirrorBroken glass pieces are often thrown away… even the ones that just have a crack… people discard them, sometimes breaking them even smaller pieces before they trash it… with no consideration for people who could step on it and cut their toes or feet…. People with small kids might be more considerate because they can think in ways others cannot….

They will not dump it in their backyard for sure, because they can picture their kids playing there… but even among them there are those who are less considerate… While they do not throw it in the backyard they trash it out like others who do not have kids…. They are least bothered about the thousands of kids who walk bare footed on the streets, in slums, in dump yards, either playing or as part of their vocation where they pick up these trash and sell it to make a living….  The I am ok as long as not in my backyard attitude….

Bottom line being considerate is important even when you have a broken glass piece at home…. He looked at the broken mirror in front of him…. He knows that Mirrors are different…. They have memories unlike many daily use glass items at home…. and mirrors need not always shatter into multitudes and he has seen people glue them together though the resultant experience is poor….

People have memories attached to mirrors, specifically mirrors that given by someone special… He knew a girl friend who felt that a broken mirror in her house also broke a piece of her; he had tried hard to explain her folly in such a thought… She did not get it and later the relationship did not go that far…. Relations take twists and turn in ways that one never imagine…..

He again looked at the mirror, it was not presented to him by anyone near or dear, and he had bought it from some street vendor who sold it to him for half price…. So it was neither pricey nor any special memory attached to it…but apparently it had only broken into a few pieces, so if he had a reason he could fix them together…. But he tried hard to justify doing that and failed…. It will be easier for him to go buy a new one…. fixing did not make sense…. He had no attachments to the mirror…

But then it was a Sunday and he did not have much to do, he thought what the heck…. It was a time to test some of his skills in fixing things which was by itself very poor…. He took the pieces of the broken mirror and laid them on the table… It all fit perfectly but with that multiple cuts on his face he looked quiet weird…. He smiled… he always thought he had multiple personalities and he has also been told by others that he is not always the same person they see… he is like different people all living individual lives…. he always wondered if they were right….

But now he will have a way to see it for himself, in his own mirror…. splitting his face into many…. He liked the idea of that split mirror… He viewed his face in each piece… He smiled…. He frowned…. He made faces….. He cried…. He get to work… making may be his most precious mirror the piece mirror…

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