OUTCAST – 365 Flash Fiction #19

The guy was dressed in a black over coat and he wore it such a way that he wanted to hide something inside it.

It was a small town and much about everyone knew each other. No surprise that he arose suspicious looks from every eyes on every table in there the moment he entered. At least every eyes that was not intoxicated to the brink of blindness.

He walked up to the bar and pointed at the liquor stand. The bartender ran his fingers across the top row of bourbon till the guy lifted his hand pointing stop. He showed the sign two to the bartender.

He consumed one shot and took the other in his hand and walked to one table in the corner.

Now the crowd was slowly moving their eyes with him and some who were standing even moved closer to where we walked. No one spoke and you could only hear football cheering on the TV.

The table he walked to was already occupied with two guys playing scrabble. Apparently they were the only folks who did not notice him come in and were on with their quest for words.

He kept his shot glass on the table and rested his hands on the table.

“You guys want to still play without me?” He asked to both of them

“Sorry?” Asked one man

“You know what I mean. How long do you plan on playing alone?”

“Who the hell are you?” Asked the second man

Now the rest of the people the room had slowly moved closer

The guy sensed this and he turned at them
“Do you guys all support this? I knew you were all in this as one team”

The people looked at him in surprise. Some tried to connect his face to someone they know. A slow murmur was heard.

“John?” called out an old man’s voice
“Is it John?” the Old voice repeated

“I ain’t your John you freak” shouted the guy
“I ain’t any one of your John you miserable people”

People backed off a bit and the guys stopped their play completely and gave the guy attention

“See you don’t even know my real name”
“I am just a normal kid, and you people could never see that, can you?”
He started unbuttoning his overcoat

Before people could react his overcoat lay on the floor and what they saw underneath explained why he wore it

He shouted at the top of his voice
“If only you could have made me feel at home, it would all have been different,
It could all have been different,
It could all have been different”

As the people stared and some with tears in their eyes, he walked towards the front door.

One of the scrabble players looked at the letter he had in his hand.

It read “ T
He then looked at the Scrabble board
The incomplete word read ”OUTCAS