What is the Pain? – 365 Flash Fiction #20

He seemed disturbed when I saw him. Walking to the escalator at the station, returning back, looking for someone in a hurry. I did not have the time to take notice as the train was in the platform and I hurried my steps up.

As I took my seat in the train and before the door could close the gentleman jumps inside. He looks both sides and takes a seat in front of me. As I immerse myself in the book I had, I could not help noticing him look to the back of the train again and again. Also this transit reader project was in my mind for a few days and I said, lets begin here.

I wondered what must be his hurry. Was he planning to meet his love at the station and he reached late, or was he disturbed about something. I wondered how he would have come to the train station. May be he lives near by and walked to the station. May be he too spend time getting a parking and finally in that hurry had given his bag to a friend and the friend would have sat in a different compartment.

Who all would he have in his life, kids? parents?. Will his mom be waiting for him somewhere. Is he happy?, will his agony; if he has any leave him for good. I can’t be sure of anything, except that he was in a world that I was not in, at least mentally, we were just sharing a train, a trip, but we both had different worlds in our minds. Just as I was noticing more of him, he gets up and moves fast to the back of the train and was gone.

I looked back into my book and read about the practice of tonglen which is well expressed in the verse “May I offer benefit and happiness to all my mothers and take secretly upon myself their woes and suffering” I am not sure how it is relevant here; but that does not matter I still have half hour to go before my destination comes  calling for me.

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