Invisible – 365 Flash Fiction #24

He took his bag and kept his ipod in it, he looked in the mirror till he was convinced that he was presentable enough and he stepped out of his house. He looked up at the sky and felt that it was the same kind of day and wondered where he should look for a change in his life.

Walking up to his so called office he got prepared for the days work and ten minutes later he was ready as any other day. He saw someone walk to him and looked at him and with no change in emotion, walked without noticing him. He has seen that look before. Then there were a group of guys in spotless business attire who just walked past him; again without noticing him

He put on his ipod and started listening to one of his favorite music and slowly moved his steps to the beat of the music. He slowly closed his eyes and started flowing with the tune. He did not realize how long he would have spend that way and when he opened his eyes the world had got so busy.

People running all around trying to get to where they have to be. All propelled by an unknown motor hastily moving towards what only they knew. He was the only guy who had no where to go and nothing different to do. He was invisible to the rest of the world. He was so unimportant that people seldom would recognize him if they meet him somewhere else.

He has been invisible now for over one month, It was so much relaxing to be unimportant again. He looked at his watch, it was break time. He removed off the board that he hung over his neck and also his costume. The board read “SALE 75% OFF, on every thing. Come pick your deal today”

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