The Thought

ThoughtThere are some thoughts that won’t leave your mind once it takes birth, unless you do something about it… it kind of feeds into your life and irritates the hell out of you… you can try to sleep; you can try getting busy with work, you can drown yourself in your favorite brand of sweet/bitter poison, immerse in a book, or keep staring into the TV… you can try doing any f*c*ing thing to get distracted, but the damn thing won’t go….. it is like that fly which keeps buzzing around you and fearlessly sits and shits on your face, just to give you a taste of agility and to also tell you that it does not care and it won’t let you go… the only solution is to pick your ass, how ever big, burning or broken it is and do something… anything… just do something about it….. till then it won’t leave…. Let’s see…..

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