Life on the Road – Kitra Cahana’s TED talk – My Thoughts

Screen shot 2014-06-07 at 9.48.35 AMA very thought provoking talk indeed…. As I watched it I saw the existence of an even bigger disconnect between people in an “on the road” life and the people in the so called “Boring routine life” and the post is all about understanding that disconnect….

Freedom; it is true that there are so many who cannot easily embrace it even if they want to…. and it is being far more evident that some people really feel threatened by it’s raw existence….. as the ‘on the road’ life that is detailed in the talk… it boldly questions the open cages that majority folks live in… the fallacies of their bottled pride.

While I fully agree with her on people taking this road life as an escape route (still not getting rid of their inner demons) there is also a lifestyle question in here. To be on the road as a choice rather than the lack of one, and in such cases many outside that life might not be able to comprehend the romanticism involved in it…

The interesting thing is freedom does not have a stereotypic existence, Though there are some general characteristics, it is quite unique in its texture based on who it belongs to, not everyone on the road lead the same life…. there are differences in how each life moves…. this also makes it confusing when viewed from the other side.

Another reason for a disconnect is that though routined life can force people to break the boundaries they live in and be free, in majority cases this routine lifestyle sets limits on the adventure one can bear to take onto their life….. and this creates an inability to understand a free “on the road” life style…

Finally a structured law and order probably exists only in the realm of the open cage routine system where the majority lives, and the role of law and order most times is more to keep intact the predictability of such an existence than change anything…. But this predictability, routine and boundaries, none of them exist in an ‘on the road’ system…. and that many feel to be in conflict with the law and order as we see it…..

As I write this I remember the few days I spend in London on the streets with a close friend without taking a hotel room, living out of a locker room in the station and using public toilets to freshen and spending the days beer walking on the banks of Thames, feeding from the used bookstores and watching King Lear in the Globe theatre…. That friend of mine is no more…. he probably decided that the open caged world was not right for him…. but the moments I spend with him gave me a glimpse of life as free as it can ever be……

We who are not in an “On the Road” Life should think and understand…. This talk is important as it creates a bridge that many os us need to walk on…. Thanks Kitra

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