Tale of a dark starry Night – 365 Flash fiction #25

He looked at the clear sky; He had never seen one like this in a long time. When someone tells him about the sky, the first images that come to his mind are the stars that adorn the skies and he would be lying on his back looking up. He would remember himself lying on top of his house watching the stars and the skies with no thoughts invading his mind. He would not be counting them, but just watching attentively so that he does not miss the beauty that darkness presents to the world every night.

Today he is lying on his back and looking at the skies, but he cannot see even one star. He does not remember ever seeing a night like this. Why is the darkness not presenting him with the lights of the million stars?. He looks up, attentively, trying to spot at least one star. At least one star, one ray of light that could keep him awake till dawn. His eyes slowly started closing on him and as the darkness slowly pierced inside his eyelids, he saw it. Far off in the skies one star peeping out just in time to bid him farewell.

In the morning when the troops arrived, they knew it was late; he had left them forever but made sure that the enemies could not advance an inch into his beloved motherland. His starry friends in the sky also helped, by hiding themselves for the whole night blinding the enemies from spotting him and finally retreating in the dark. He probably joined forces with the countless stars as they all get in a line and appear and disappear as needed.

Submitted for Flash Fiction Friday F3 (Cycle32) – The song I chose “The Anthem” “…..they all get in line….”