Thirty Five Cents – 365 Flash Fiction #39

He walked slowly to a guy and asked “Do you have thirty cents sir?” The guy looked and signed NO. He chuckled and said Thanks. He stood there for a bit looking out and walked towards one of the ladies who was sitting in the front seat of the train compartment “Mam do you have thirty five cents to spare?” She did not raise her head to prove she did not hear. He chuckled again.

He slowly looked at the people in the train. Even if someone was noticing him, they turned their head the moment they thought he saw them. I too joined the lot in keeping my head down, but was intrigued to know what he would be doing next. He looked at everyone and chuckled again.

He walked towards the compartment door and a bit loudly “Thirty five cents anyone?”. No one in front of him showed signs of having heard him, but the people behind him were all staring at him. But when he turned back the same people turned their heads away and the ones in the front started looking at him. He chucked again, louder this time.

The train stopped in the next station and when the doors were about to open he looked at the passengers once more and laughed “You poor miserable lot, All dressed like a party with no thirty five cents in the pockets” He chuckled again and took a few dollar bills and threw it inside and headed his way out of the train.

All the passengers including me had our eyes searching for a glimpse of him as he became part of a crowd we did not know, or we ourselves became part of a crowd we did not know…

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