As humans we all are same enough to live in peace and not different enough to go to war

Face2FaceSome conflicts are so prolonged and have costed so much bloodshed, atrocities and human rights violations across the world that it is no more a matter of who is right and who is wrong. The loss of human lives is not counted separately for each side…. the toll is on both sides together; Yes I am talking about the Palestinian Israeli conflicts….

What we lose is human lives and human life does not differentiate your nationality, religion or belief systems.

So again you can take two stands; either both sides are at fault or both sides are right…. I personally cannot agree that both sides can be right because both stand on graves built in the name of a nation, not now but since centuries of human existence in the region…

Face2Face2And why do I say both sides are at fault; because either side brings up the next generation feeding with hatred for the other side….. this makes it clear that no one really wants peace…. because peace is not that profitable for those who control… and victory does not grant peace but more conflict; victories from war is inhuman.. it is like the saying that fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity. Peace comes from understanding that as humans we are not different and also understanding that as people of different belief systems we are only different enough to live our way of life and not to impose on others what we feel is right and wrong…

What is important is that in this conflict, that has gone on for so long it is between two people who cannot be differentiated…. very similar in many respects…. totally mistaken by the human eye… just like Indians and pakistanis… no difference except for the fact that they both have a different perception of correctness…. and the people who have to gain keep the conflicts going…

Face2Face3But there are efforts all over the world where people try to bring forth the fact that there does not exist a difference; that there should be peace; that humanity dies with every bullet that leaves the gun even if it does not kill any one…. as a person not living in Gaza we should still be concerned because as humans we are a Palestinian or an israeli in the conflict but we just don’t know who we are…. to be human you cannot take sides…. and you need to oppose violence….

As humans we need to voice against the killing of innocents, we need to deplore the suicide bomb attacks that maims and kills unknowns; we should speak against war; against invasions; against autocratic rules… and we cannot take sides….

There is no difference between us except the ones we make

Face2Face4The images in this post are from the “Inside Out” project by the the photographer and artist JR and specifically his Face2Face project where he takes close up photos of human faces… The point he tries to bring is that people are enough alike to be able to understand one another…. the differences we fight for are not worth fighting for….

How sad that religion/politics/belief systems distort mind in such a way that one only sees differences….

Watch a glimpse of JRs work as he tells that you need to look closely and you can see that the differences vanish….


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