Just in Time – 365 Flash Fiction #40

He jumped inside and looked around. It was almost full. He found one seat in the middle row that had a vacant chair. He moved towards it trying not to stamp on the bunch of people who were already there. He took his seat and looked at the elderly man sitting next to him.
“Hi, I thought I was late” He said with a smile.
“No you are just in time” Said the old man
“Good, when did you come?” He asked
“A while ago” Replied the old man.
“So you were early” he smiled
“No I was in the right time” Said the old man
He looked at the old man and smiled.
“When does it start” He asked
“When all the chairs are taken” Replied the old man
“And when will that be?” He asked
“When it is the right time” Said the old man
“Oh so we are quite early” He smiled
“No, we are at the right time” Said the old man

He looked at the old man curiously but did not ask any thing. He looked around and could see a few more vacant seats and then he saw one lady enter the room.
“Would you say she is late or early?” He asked the old man pointing at the lady. He was getting amused with the old man’s answers.
“She is at the right time” Said the old man without looking at the lady.
“How can that be?” He asked “You have to be early. Late or at the right time, every one can’t be at the right time when they come in at different times.” He was getting slightly irritated.
“Now you would say everyone here is in the right time, neither late nor early.” He was ready to confront the old man now

The old man turned to him and looked in his eyes. He took his hand and touched his forehead
“close your eyes and wake up” Said the old man slowly

He felt an unbearable pain on his head, he tried to move but could not; as he looked up he saw people bending over him and shouting something that he could not hear. His eyes closed on them slowly and it became all dark.

He opened his eyes and the old man was sitting next to him and he knew exactly where he was. He was not early, nor was he late, he was just in time.